Monday, November 3, 2008

Slick Jordan Speaking Italian

Well, yesterday Luca and I went to Florence to meet my cousin Aileen and her husband David. Their daughter Rebecca is spending a semester in Florence and since she was on a week-long break her parents came to visit. I had the best time. David is a gynecologist, so we talked vaginas and obviously...newborn hearing screening. He told me that they give pregnant women a brochure when they are five months pregnant that describes the nhs program and provides information that prepares new moms for the screening.
We get nothing here in Tuscany...workin' on that. *smile*

Rebecca showed us her place. She is living in an apartment just above THE market and has a HUGE terrace that overlooks the Duomo. Note: the terrace was lined with empty cheap wine bottles, cheap except for the last two that Luca picked up and said were "fine wines". David and Aileen said those were the bottles they had purchased and Rebecca had yelled at them when they told her how much they had spent for the wine: 8 euros a bottle. Her usual price: 2 euros a bottle. Gotta love college kids. Apparently there are 30 Americans in her apartment building and she shares an apartment with four other girls.
*The good old days*

She's coming to visit Grosseto one of these weekends...I have to figure out how to entertain a crazy 20 year old college kid with "that look in her eyes!"
I'm dead. I'll have to bring in the reinforcements- my crazy Italian students.

Anyway. My insane son,
, otherwise known as the inappropriate youtube film downloader-I-think-I'll-share-them-with-the-neighborhood-children pulled another fast one on his naive mother. We were in Pisa last week, sitting at an outdoor table, chowing down on some pizza, when he attacked.
"Mom, if you give me 3 euros 75 cents for a Mickey Mouse comic, I'll tell you the latest news about Alessia."
He's so slick. He knows I die to know these things and now he's making these little newsworthy items profittable. Kind of have to admire the sly profiteer. And I do, so I said, "Tell, and I'll decide if the info is worth the 3,50."
He proceeds to tell me that Alessia asked him to be her dance partner in some Phys. Ed. activity...he had that sh**-eating grin on his juvenile face that is dying to grow a mustache.

I smile, obviously, as Luca sits down and proceeds to tell me he already knew about the info. That really pisses me off as I demand exclusives, and the worst part-
hit Luca up for two comics before pulling the same maneuver on me! My son is a devil-child, but very, very intelligent. (Gets that from me)

I gave him 3,75 and told him I had just bought the blogging rights.
Here's a video of
speaking Italian...


Anonymous said...

GREAT! FANTASTIC! ASTONISHING! Congratulations for the quality of Jordan's voice! It is REALLY SUPER-SUPER-EXTRAORDINARILY good! I know exactly what I am saying, mainly because I was born and live in Italy (when I am not travelling around....). I can identify even the most subtle shades of Tuscan "dialect" (Tuscans will hate me for this...). Even the prosodic accent is nothing but perfect. Congratulations to you too, Jodi.
This is Ferdi posting.

Unknown said...

Hi Ferdi,
Thank you *smile*
100% Tuscan Maremma...