Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Okay, I dropped Sofia off for school late as usual, sat down for a relaxing cup of cappuccino with my friends and turned on my cell phone. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFf**********CK! My credit card company offers a feature where they send you a text message for every purchase you make over 50 euros, um, there was a text message for the amount of 1031.75 euros ON MY CELL PHONE. There was another attempt at a purchase for 576 euros that was denied one hour later- denied because my credit card works like a Most Card and I have a pre-established monthly limit on my card. IN YOUR FACE!

Both purchases were made at Best Buy- one in Compton and the other attempt, one hour later in Lakewood. Apparently the assholes were in the market for some ELECTRONICS!


So, as I was sleeping peacefully having sweet dreams as always right here in ITALY, some ASSHOLE was using my cloned credit card in the USA.


What did I do this morning? I ran from the bank to the police, back to the bank, back to the police and back to the bank to deal with this situation, because in ITALY, you can't just make a freakin' phone call to resolve this shit, you have to do LEGWORK. This country is SO frustrating. I think it's been resolved, I'll let you know when I get my credit card statement.

I have no time to deal with this stuff, I have A THOUSAND things to do...

Hope y'all have a GREAT DAY!

BTW, had I received the message in the middle of the night, I could have blocked the credit card immediately, then when the ASSHOLES tried to make the second purchase...STOLEN CARD would have registered and they would have been ARRESTED!

Well, I do have the exact time and location they made the purchase in BOTH locations, if there are videocameras in the store-and I'm sure BEST BUY has video cameras, shouldn't they be able to NAIL THE ASSHOLES, anyway??????

Not if the info is coming from Italy, the USA will receive it the first of never.


Danielle said...

omg thats sick!! damn bastards.. hope it all works out they betta get arrested how the hell is your cc in USA? hmm damn strange considering ur from italy i wonda how it got there so damn fast. You didnt realize u lost the cc? make sure u didnt loose others.
try and have a good day it will all work out.

mishkazena said...

Compton, like the one in MD? Hmm, that's strange, considering that it's not far from your hometown that you visited few months ago. Why now?

Thank goodness you got an electronic alert. If I remember correctly, you don't have to pay any of these as the credit card covers these losses.

I hope they will catch the crook!

Debbie said...

S-U-C-K-S!!!! Sorry to hear it. Nestor had his identity stolen a couple years back. We found out when the telephone company in
CA (we live in NYC) contacted him via our P.O. Box thanking him for opening an account with them. He freaked! Turns out they had tried to open up an electric co. account too. That's how they build credit and then can apply for things like passports, credit cards, etc. So scary. You could end up with a lot more than just extra credit card bills -- you could end up arrested for crimes you didn't even commit and worse.

Anywho -- Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Dani...judging by your use of inappropriate language...I am obviously NOT a good influence. lol
btw, my credit card is in my possession, they created a new one using my number and info.
Mishka...I will not have to pay, but it's a major hassle. I used my cc on line to send balloons to my stepfather for his birthday, I believe they lifted it from that transaction. I'll be using paypal from now on.
Debbie...wow...feel much better now!:(( Happy Thanksgiving 2u2. Kiss Amelia!