Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fairy Tales and Prince Charming

"Mommy, how will I know when my prince arrives? I mean, will a prince come to kiss me like in Snow White? How will he find me?" asked Sofia Madyson with a heinous shade of fuschia lipstick smeared all over her little lips.

I looked Sofia straight in the eyes and said, "Only when you become an independent, self-sufficient gracious queen will your prince arrive...the right prince for the true you. Before you can find the true you, you will have to slay dragons, combat hairy monsters single-handedly and battle your way alone through a dark and scary forest where the land may be unfamiliar at first,
but when you have grown - you will make it your own. And if he doesn't find you, then you will find yourself."

Sofia looked me up and down, curtsied and said, "Mommy, you don't understand anything...Babbo!!!!!!!!!!"


VBnBama said...

OH, I love her!
hahahaha(you just don't understand anything!!)

Anonymous said...

yes! Babbo is always the best prince for his own little princess daughter...

I love this!

Anonymous said...

Wait until she grows up and finds out that you did know everything! I LOVED your answer. :)

Unknown said...

Vallllllllll, thanks for my birthday card-----LOVED IT! I still have a lot to l e a r n! the dreamer of the family and every family needs a dreamer.

Paula- Could you get your ass bloggin again, PLEASE! I so knew you would understand.