Monday, May 12, 2008

Italy ROCKS! NHS 2008...Here I Come!!!

Oh, oh, where to begin! I think my head may just explode. First of all, my guardian angels of Cochlear Italia decided that they would let me, as a courtesy, be a part of their exhibition at NHS 2008, but they told me I was not allowed to talk...hmmm. They said I could promote RALLY CAPS in Italian and English and speak to the physicians present, but I could not talk.
WHAT TO WEAR!!! (I think the little purple dress may be inappropriate.)

*Does anyone know Ferdinando Grandori or Deborah Hayes?*

They are the people responsible for organizing the convention.
I want to talk...not about RALLY CAPS, about this: "Never Under-estimate the Power of a MOM...with a couple of beautiful activation videos of the kids on this blog and their inspirational stories.

I think the Doctors need to have an idea of exactly who it is they're dealing with, for example a mom just left this poem on one of the posts:

A comment about our relationship with the medical profession...
Even though my comment seems is out-of place below all the other comments, I wanted to share this poem my wife wrote - and gave to the surgeon, prior to Lotte's operation

Take this child

Give her wings
to hear
the sound of my smile

Give her wings
to hear
the radiance of my eyes

Never the same again
after today
with an exceptional gift

To hear light
To see sound
gives wings to the soul


Next news:

Our pediatrician helped me get the National endorsement of the Federation of Italian Pediatricians, lovin' that.

The presentation of the Italian Version of Rally Caps will be on June 7th, I think ten people will be speaking, including Jordan and the Mayor will be present.

BBC Orioles GROSSETO, the Italian National Baseball Champions (funny how that worked out, isn't it?), has also endorsed our book and they decided that they would like to present the book at the stadium before a game and...Jordan will throw out the first pitch.

*Miracle of all miracles: I haven't even had to sleep with anyone, people just love our story!*

Now, this is my next thought. I would really like to raise funds for a Newborn Hearing Screening Program in Grosseto. I've started talking to a number of people who are actually willing to donate money towards this project. Now...I need to do some research.

On the home-front:
Jordan got a bases loaded triple two games ago and went 3 for 3 in his last baseball game.

He went to Florence with his school to participate in a concert. He sang in the choir and went souvenir shopping with his class. He came home with the following souvenirs: a small crystal ball of Florence - one of those shake and snow types, a collection of mini-postcards of Florence, a postcard for his uncle of women with bare asses, a mini replica of Florence and...a magnet of The Statue of David's private part. My son is confused. Just like his Mamma!

This killed me- Thanks Val *smile* BTW: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GAGE-THIS SONG'S FOR YOU!!!!:

...As an original Rally Caps Tribe Member, Gage received a Rally Caps shirt and is seen here supporting her while he listens to ACDC on the computer.
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VBnBama said...

HaHa, very nice! Wow, You are hard to keep up with, it's not just Italy rockin'! Your not the skitzo blogger,'re the blogger w/ADHD, but man you're gettin' a lot done! I can't compete w/that...Congratulations!!!!
P.S. don't worry about "not getting to talk"'ll meet the people there that will eventually let you TALK...bide your time, my dear.

Abbie said...

WOW!!!! I'M SOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU! I have a hard time picturing you not being able to talk there :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Aunt Jodi!!!!!!

I agree with Val about "not getting to talk." Once you present your book, I'm sure all those attendees will want to ask you questions about your life as a mother raising a deaf child. So, I'm sure you'll be able to use that opportunity to TALK AND to make some great connections!

Elizabeth and I recently got incredible offers for our book from a major company...we'll tell you the details once the offers go through officially. I can feel the same excitements as you're having with your book! You're my role model for this stuff!

Anonymous said...

awesome!!! im so excited for you. make sure you represent us cochlear implant kids and teens appropriately in italy :)
fyi, it might be nice to promote cochlear implants in italy, so italians know what im talking about if i ever do go visit there.

good luck!

Valerie said...

I can't imagine you not talking. You better duct tape your lips! I think it comes in purple to match your dress.

I am very excited for you. Enjoy it. By the way, when do you have a new book planned???

Unknown said...

Thank yoouuuuuu, ladies:)!
Rachel-you are a neverending SHOCK to my system!
Valerie...I have two books in my messed up head and NO TIME TO WRITE!!! (frustrated) *smile* Jodi

Anonymous said...

Use your hands if you can't "talk" LOL!