Friday, May 2, 2008

Sex Before Marriage or Marriage Before Sex??

First of all, so many funny things happened today. Love Fridays, love the fact that I didn't have my pre-school monsters and when I went there, the school was closed for an extended holiday - nice of them to phone. Glowing. Headed for the Corso and hit Calzedonia for a new bathing suit (white!!??)for me and three new suits for Sofia. Had myself a good old time. Then, I met my friend for lunch and after that, I had my first group of Middle School students - the crazy foul-mouthed group. As soon as I sat down, they started insulting me and called me their new favorite word (that I like an idiot taught them) butt-ugly. I smiled, smacked em all upside the head and began my lesson.

I started with my first victim, Simone by asking him what he did yesterday. He said he went to the movies. Hmmm. I think he has a girlfriend so I began to haze him. "Simone, how much did you spend at the cinema?" His response, "15 euros." Mighty hefty for one ticket. So, who'd ya go with?? He turned flaming red. I destroyed him, especially because I noticed he was wearing a Lance Armstrong look-alike bracelet that said, "Heart." He had no chance. He's in the mustache growing like dirty weeds stage,
my voice is now deep and out of control. I have no mercy.

Then, I pretended to sneeze to see if they remembered how to say, "Bless you." And after five years of lessons, they said, "You're welcome." What is it with these Italian adolescents?? Is it SO hard to distinguish between "Bless you" and "You're Welcome??" It's like a cultural mental block that I CAN'T TOUCH!

Then, I had another Middle School class and when I asked one of the girls what her friend usually does in her free time, she responded, "She rides a book." I try so hard to remember all of the funny things they say, but I forget most of them.

Anyway, the point of this post is I don't even remember, oh yeah, sex before marriage or marriage before sex. Does anyone still wait to have sex before they get married? What would make you wait? Religion, traditional values, faith, love? Talk about stepping into the great unknown. Although, the waiting and waiting must make the wedding night a truly unforgettable experience. With two divorced parents, I was told to have as many experiences as possible before getting married (Note: that did not mean to sleep with as many people as possible, it just meant to have experiences).
How important is sex in a relationship on a scale of 1-10? Like an 11+++??

One thing that really shocked me after talking to a lot of my friends here in Grosseto is that 95% of them had a lot of sex before marrying - all with the same person they eventually married...not much else to do in the rolling Tuscan countryside,
especially during the winter. Yet, is this not the country of the Roman Catholic Church??
Maybe I just attract hobags. Just kidding-*smile* Interesting fact-many of them had a Vespa. I will say that Vespas are freaking the hottest thing in transportation I have ever seen.
I don't know what my problem is today, I need to go to bed...night, night.

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