Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dear Jodi...

Jordan went to school yesterday and showed his class RALLY CAPS and his letter. His class applauded and everyone would like a copy. *smile* He came home and gave me this letter that one of his friends who has known us since pre-school gave him to give to me...

Dear Jodi,

You did a great thing writing this book. Jordan showed it to me and I started crying. It's beautiful and what you wrote made me reflect a lot on what has happened to Jordan. Luckily, he is okay now and is a very intelligent guy, almost more intelligent than the rest of us. All kidding aside, Jordan was very lucky because things could have gone a lot worse - he might not have been able to hear, but now he hears and plays the guitar.

I love you forever. (gotta love teen drama)
By, Cecilia


This is what I mean when I say Jordan's experience touches everyone who comes into contact with him.

Last night I had a baseball meeting with the parents of Jordan's team to discuss a variety of issues regarding the team. By the end of the meeting, that finished at 11:45 pm. every single parent had purchased a copy of the book. I found out this morning that one of the moms donated her copy to the school library. THIS is how it's supposed to go...

BTW...the ORGANIZER OF THE NHS 2008 CONFERENCE I'm DYING to speak at...just called me. I'll have more news in 10 days...prayers would be helpful. *smile*

Shocking...this entire period of my life is just...shocking.


Anonymous said...

Can I suggest that you donate a copy of the book to BookShare? BookShare makes the book available in accessible format (Braille, large print, or formats for text to speech audio) to people who have visual or print disabilities. They even have a special section on books for children.

Unknown said...

I will check that out! Thank you...Jodi