Monday, May 19, 2008

Hot off the Press (Finally): RALLY CAPS IN ITALIAN!

Dad, are you paying Caaaaaaaaalose attention??? I now have THE ITALIAN VERSION OF RALLY CAPS IN MY HANDS!
When I told my girl Mavi, (12 years old) she said it has been like being pregnant for the past nine months and we have finally delivered.


I wanted to go out and party. Even better...after picking up twenty copies of the book, Sofia and I came home; I cooked dinner for the kiddies, played three mean games of Go Fish (while suckin' on a spoonful of nutella or fifteen), gently threw them in their pjs and settled in for three-in-a-bed storytime. Only, tonight...

*drum roll please*

The book of the night was RALLY CAPS in Italian. You should have seen the look on Jordan's face when he opened the book he's been seeing and signing for the past year and could finally understand it. He laughed and jumped on the bed when he saw it was dedicated to Luca, Sofia Madyson and Jordan the boy with music in his ears who dreams of homeruns.

Then, he flipped to the Acknowledgements page where he saw Dr. Lenzi, Dr. Camuffo, Prof. Berrettini, Dr. Bigozzi, Dr. Forli, and all of his pre-school and Elementary School teachers listed on two pages of thank you's.

But the MOST EXCITING moment for Jordan was when he saw the Letter to the Reader that HE wrote...yeah, my eleven year old son is Published. *smile*

He's on Chapter 3 and said he's taking it to school tomorrow. I bet the hell he is, he's a Superstar!


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely tooooo exciting!!!!!! I can't wait to hear Jordan's reaction after he finishes the book!

VBnBama said...

Oh, is he gonna be THE STUFF now!! Can't to hear what he says! translated of course (and maybe edited, I've heard how those Italians are) (grin) YEA for Jodi...or Itawee as Brook calls you.

K.L. said...

Yee Haw! Does that translate into Italian? My daughter is so proud of the copy we donated to the school library. Her teacher read it to the class. You should all be pretty thrilled about your success. Congratulations.

PJP said...

Amazing and what a priceless gift you've given Jordan!! --Can just bet what his next book report will be about!

Might be time for a "Bring an Author to School Day. :)

Naomi said...

that is fantastic Jodi, I am so excited for Jordan that it is all now in his native language and he can immerse himself in just what an amazing thing it is that he is a part of!

Unknown said...

Thank you everyone *smile* Live for all of you...can't wait til Jordan gets home...hugs, Jodi
Note: Yee Haw! does not translate in Italian, some things must be left American...yeaaaaaaaah.

Abbie said...

Woooo hoooo! This is great! I bet you wish you took a picture of his face flying on the bed to read it in Italian! I'm so happy! This is such a shining moment!!!