Monday, May 5, 2008

Requesting Help From and Anyone Reading

Okay. I just found out about this Conference - NHS 2008 that is being held in Cernobbio (Lake Como, where George Clooney has a place:))from June 19-21st - I'm a little late. I am DYING to go and SPEAK! But, if I can't speak, I would settle for going. Does anyone know anyone who could get me in there??? All I have to do is hop on a train!
This was their call for Abstracts that I missed:
Call For Abstracts
Don't miss the opportunity to be a presenter at the NHS 2008!
Submissions are particularly encouraged on:

Neuromaturation and plasticity
Genetics of hearing loss
Auditory Neuropathy (poster presentation only)
Cochlear implants
Technological improvements in diagnosis and Hearing Aids
Steady State Evoked Potentials
Intervention strategies for infants
Changing criteria for cochlear implantation in early infancy
Outcome measures of early intervention

Other topics of interest are:
Physiologic measures of audiological function - Language development, cognition and deafness - Newborn hearing screening - Audiological assessment - Clinical decision making in the audiological test battery - Aetiological evaluation - Mild and unilateral hearing loss - Information management, tracking and monitoring - Program evaluation and quality issues - Outcomes of early identified children (long lasting programs) - Language outcomes in infants with cochlear implants - Medical and surgical intervention for hearing loss - Pediatric hearing health services - Family-directed services for deaf and hard-of-hearing infants - Family counselling - Web-based resources for parents and professionals - Impact of deafness on family systems - Perspectives of the Deaf community - Parents' perspective.

Sounds damn interesting and I know I could learn a lot here. I hate it when I arrive late! So, I am asking for help from the blogosphere - a VERY POWERFUL PLACE. I've sent like four emails to various people who have not responded. *getting frustrated*

You know, ironically, I had a conversation with one of my students today. We were talking about which high school he was going to choose - in Italy they are specialized, not generic and the school you choose when you are fourteen is a major decision because you basically choose your life path based on that school. His father is an attorney and this boy has attorney potential, so I asked him if he intended on following in his dad's footsteps. He said he wanted to "do it all on his own" and not be a "daddy's boy with a silver spoon."

I would have said the same thing when I was his age, I never wanted anything handed to me, I have worked my ass off for everything I have ever achieved. And it is for that reason that I said to him, "Federico, life is hard enough as it is. If you have an opportunity to practice law with your dad, take it. Once you're in, you'll make your own name, but if you have that chance, which is so rare in Italy where to get anywhere in this country you need to know someone, (unless you are an American Mamma *smile*)TAKE IT AND RUN WITH IT!"

So, I am following my own advice and asking for someone to get me the hell to that Convention! Please!! Email me:

PS. Thank you to everyone who left comments and sent emails...I kept them for myself, personally...I am a VERY lucky woman.


Divided said...

Get in touch with Dr. Elena Radutzky or anyone at the Mason Perkins Deafness Fund (in Rome). The link is: and I am sure you can call them.
If that doesn't work, get a hold of this school: --call them and ask for Virginia Voltare

or (Roberto Wirth is the General Manager/owner of Hassler Hotel in Rome and he is deaf). Be sure to say that I put you in touch with them.
They were involved with the new born hearing screening conference and many of our prominent deaf educators/researchers have spoken at the conference in the past.

Good luck!

Unknown said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll try calling today!!! I'll let you know! Hugs, Jodi

Unknown said...

Divided...can I call you "D?" Divided is just way too impersonal and you seem like such a person who's got it all together that the name isn't working for me. *smile*
Well, I spoke to Dr. Radutzky, SO nice and obviously either loves you or respects you, because she took my call right away when I gave your name.
Unfortunately, she is not involved in the Conference, but she will probably help me to find someone to finally teach me LIS.
In any case...just got a VERY interesting email from Cochlear Italia (my saviours)...cross your fingers!!! Jodi
BTW- Apparently this Conference will be all doctors, they SO need a Mamma's touch lol.

Anonymous said...

Good luck finding a way to go. I am sure you can find your way in and I am sure that it would be tremendously educational.

Talk? Well, it is a scientific conference. Have you looked at previous years' talks? They might not be interested in more subjective experiences. Just a guess, having been to some of these things. But you never know....