Thursday, May 29, 2008

For Hearing Aid or CI Users: Music Links for Your Ipod

This product may not be new to many, but it is the first time I've seen it, so I'm blogging on it for other latecomers like myself. Apparently, Music Links works well with hearing aids and Cochlear Implants and is an alternative to ugly headphones that don't really provide good sound quality. Since Music Links has been working its way through my support groups and the moms are raving about it, because happy iPod teens are happy Moms, I'm posting a couple of reviews.

But first...
Music Link benefits
Stereo sound
T-coil/Telecoil compatible - BTE, ITE and ITC aids
Replaces headphones and ear buds
Replaces conventional neck loop
Louder - Stronger signal than non-powered neck loops
Simple - No batteries to charge or replace
No feedback or distracting background noise
One-year manufacturer warranty

A gentleman named Robert who is a frequent poster to all groups, posted this about Music Links:
Hi folks,

I was given a set of the stereo Music Links long ago for evaluation ( surely
with the hope that I would write a positive report on the product)
I did better than that - I raved about them - and spread the word

Technically speaking, the Music Links (silhouettes) are far superior to any
neckloop for two primary reasons:
a: The proximity to the hearing instrument results in a much stronger
electromagnetic field for the telecoil/s.
b: They provide true stereo, as opposed to binaural mono - the case with all
neckloops. ( No wonder the boys love them! )

For older kids and folks using the phone, with the Music Links plugged into
the headphone jack of an amplified phone, the results are truly amazing!
Nothing beats binaural listening on the phone - say nothing of excluding (or
minimizing) ambient noise.

Music Links are compatible with any hearing instrument equipped with telecoils, For the Harmony,they're built-in, of course. For the Auria, the accessory T-Coil will be required..
The Music Links create no audio - just the magnetic field for the telecoil
in the processor.

Note on the Music Links used with telephones:
Some phones are equipped with a stereo output jack, which is what the Music
Links require.

Some phones, however, use a mono jack. And the makers are not clear at all
on the matter.
Bottom line, if there is no output on one side of the Music Links you likely
have a phone with a mono output jack.
Inexpensive adapters from Radio Shack will cure the problem.

This is a great product that works well, and I can't sat enough good about

BTW, for any Brits of interest, the Music Links, which are a product of
England, are available there from Connevans Limited for Lb. 18.50

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in any entity related to hearing
loss products.

Just a writer on the topic.


*Thanks Bob!*

One mom of two teenage iPod obsessed sons with bilateral cis purchased the white version and said that her kids haven't stopped raving about the sound quality.

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Anonymous said...

Finally, I can see what it looks like!

While ago, I asked Mike McC. about the Ipod that the hearing aid and CI users can use. However, he did not provide some pictures.

BTW, I learned that the costs of the gasoline in Europe are brutally expensive. Can you blog about the gasoline in Europe?

White Ghost

K.L. said...

My daughter had a cable that would plug directly into her processor and a jack on the other end to go into the CD player or whatever. She lost it. It costs $120.00 to replace. The music link is way cheaper. We will try that. Thanks Jodi for the tip.

Candy said...

This is actually neat! I have a similar device which I use (loop)to plug into any audio outlet such as a computer or CD player (if I don't want to bother anyone.) However that device did not work well with my MP-3 player. I'm going to check into this one and see if it will work. Either way, I might just get myself an ipod! Thanks for an informative article!

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

Seriously, HOW AMAZING! I think one of those is in my big box from Cochlear :)

Also, LOVE the new song...just happens to be my song with my husband :)

Unknown said... sound so HAPPY and UPBEAT! Take it easy on the Tequila and the Michael Jackson Thriller Album, girl! Huge Hugs, so excited for you guys...Obviously, I got the song from your blog and LOVE it! Jodi
White Ghost...Where ya been?
K.L. - my pleasure, I couldn't open the pix of your girl, because it was TOO complicated for my feeble mind *smile*
Candy- My iPod is my life - highly recommend it.

Karen Putz said...

How timely! We used to have a similar device that I ordered through a company that claimed it was "durable" and it broke in less than a year. I sent it back, only to find they never received it (note to self, next time, use Fed Ex!). We've done the $20 neckloop route as well and they worked well, for a while. So I'm going to check these out and see if they hold up better. Summers coming, and I want to tune out my kids. LOL

Anonymous said...

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