Thursday, January 1, 2009

My 85 Yr. Old Grammy's Got a CRU-USH!!!

Adorable. Between being nostalgic for the New Year and cleaning dog poop off my floors at 4.00am after a Rockin' New Year's Eve, I have been seen laughing aloud every half hour since my mom gave me the news last night.

For those dedicated readers who follow this blog, the last time I wrote about Grammy, I was in town visiting her in the Nursing Home back in April terrified she wouldn't remember me because she has Dementia. My mom visits her regularly and takes care of any needs that aren't met by the staff at the Home. Obviously this is extremely painful for my mom and it has been a very tough four years.

Then, last night, my mom gave me truly miraculous news...

Mom: Jodi, did I tell you that Grammy has a crush on a 93 year old man named Jake?
Me: Nooooooooo! But he must be be a player with a name like Jake. Oh my God, tell me everything. NOW!!
Mom: Okay, do you remember the old biddy who sat across from Grammy at dinner, who was an old bitch from hell?
Me: Yeah.
Mom: Well, Grammy and her started getting aggressive, so I had Grammy moved to a different table for meals. And...that was when she met Jake.
Mom: Jake reminds me a little of Pop Pops and Grammy and Jake always fight when they talk, they don't really talk. But I think he looks at her like he likes her, too.
Me: Oh My God, Grammy's in love!!!
Mom: There's only one problem.
Me: What could possibly be the problem at 93 years old? *smile*
Mom: There's another woman.
Me: F***!
Mom: Yeah, totally. Okay, so last night was the New Year's Eve party at the Home and we were all sitting at the table.
Me: (interrupting)Mother, what did you wear to the party?
Mom: (laughing) Oh, just my high heel leather boots with fur around the tops, black leather pants and a tight sweater.
Me: Slut.
Mom: Someone's gotta entertain the old fogies...Anyway, Jake was seated at the head of the table. "The other woman" was seated to his right, I was on his left and Grammy was next to me on the other side. Jake and the other woman weren't just holding hands, they were swinging and holding hands. Grammy turned to me and said, "See, Monye, he likes her, not me."
Me: (Devastated)I'm comin' to town to kick some old age ass.
Mom: Wait. Okay. So after dinner, I took Grammy to her bedroom to tuck her in for the night and she said, "Monye, I want to go say goodnight to Jake."
Me: (Melting)
Mom: I told Grammy, "Okay, Mother." We walked to Jake's room, knocked on the door and entered. I said, "Jake, my mother would like to say goodnight to you."
Jake: Come in, Betty.
Mom: Okay, so she went inside the room and they started talking, not their usual fighting, but kind of nicer. At a certain point, and I swear I almost passed out, I saw Jake touch Grammy's hair and Jodi, he said, "Betty, you know you have really beautiful hair."

*The Power of Love*
Oh my GOD! It gets better. Apparently this crush has changed my grandmother's life. She is happier and told my mom she wanted to try to walk again. So, she began physical therapy five times a week and my mom says she's determined to start walking again. My mom is totally into this love affair and has been buying my Grammy new clothes and lipgloss so that she feels like a woman. And I am the proud granddaughter..."the other woman" my ass!


Athina said...

AAAAAHHHHH, wonderful!

Naomi said...

that is very cool! How wonderful that this has lead to "a spring in her step" or rather her wanting to be stepping in order to get a spring in there!!

Dianrez said...

What was so entertaining about this blog wasn't just oldsters having a little romance, but the interest of Grammy's daughter and granddaughter!

The picture of you two (young)biddies avidly gossiping about the romance was so irresistible it had me giggling.

Love (and its audiences) makes the world go round and life go on!

Unknown said...