Friday, January 23, 2009

Half Full

Brie ate my ipod earbuds. I managed (barely) not to strangle her and feed her to the mad cat Lola. The light in my car flashed on indicating some type of problem. I stayed calm (yeah, right), took it to the mechanic this morning - my two back brakelights were out. (WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!) I opened my emails this morning and found a letter from an Australian GPOD member who gave me a link to the information I had intended to translate in Italian - ALREADY TRANSLATED IN ITALIAN BY THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes, life can be so sweet!

Jordan is home with a sore throat and cough and had a sudden craving for schiaccia with cooked ham. So, I hightailed my butt to the supermarket to get him some of that Italian stuff. The man behind the counter...oh my GOSH! Elvis (a confused version). Okay, he was wearing the white smock-like uniform of the supermarket with the top four buttons that peeking out of the smock was this BRIGHT GREEN button-down shirt and a flashy wide red silk tie. His sideburns put Elvis to shame-we're talking three times as wide, down to his chin. He had a pair of glasses, tiny frames, transparent with the slightest touch of red. (Okay, I told him he was hot:)-he wasn't, but you could tell he really wanted to be:)) Lookin' at him made you wanna thaaaaaaaaaarust your pelvis. And to top off this killer fashion statement:


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Anonymous said...

I want the RECIPE for schiaccia with cooked ham!

deb b