Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have been blue since yesterday afternoon and I can't understand why. I mean this horrible sad feeling that won't go away. So not like me. Sofia had a great time at her birthday party, how could she not? Look at her cake that my mil made:

After eating all afternoon, I opened Facebook, found this picture and a couple of others that will not be shared (My headache went away immediately):


I have been reminiscing with about eight people I went to Elementary School with...those were the days. Jordan was lucky enough to find a class as special as mine who helped raise him as my friends did with me. While in Italy the family is the center of your world, in the States, it's your friends and teachers...especially when your parents are divorced. My best friend Hallie and I used to have sleepovers, memorize songs ("ONE" was our specialty-chorus line included), play with Barbie and Ken-she had a killer collection- and eat Booberry cereal in the morning. Loved Booberry cereal. Anyway...Facebook has been quite the experience for me, but if the Middle School photos start poppin' up...I'm so outta there!

Happy Befana to all!
And, finally...back to school! Wahoooooooooooooooo!

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