Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jordan's Essay: Sad to Happy

Okay, this was the assignment:
Today you are particularly blue, there's no precise motive, but you're a little depressed this morning and it seems like nothing is going your way.
Enough!! You must absolutely get yourself out of your funk so you need to do something that will help you change this bad vibe. What are you going to do? Where will you go? Who will you go with? Organize something that will make you feel good!

Jordan's essay:(translated)

Today is not such a great day, I've been trying to think about something that will make the smile return to my face, something that will make me happy. I think and think and think. In the beginning I couldn't think of anything really special. I thought about buying a new computer game, "Spore", but it costs too much and it isn't really anything special. I thought about exploding some firecrackers, but it's too dangerous, and it isn't anything special. I thought about reading a book, but it could be a sad book, so it might not be such a great idea. I thought about buying X-Box, but I've already received a lot of gifts and it just wouldn't be right.

Thinking about this a little harder, there would be one thing that would make me happy. I would like to take all of my friends to the United States. I like thinking about taking them to meet my American grandparents. In America, I would take them to see my grandparents' house with a big yard to play in and a swimming pool. I would take them bowling - I'm a champion, then we'd visit the Baltimore Zoo that is beautiful. Another thing I'd like to do would be to visit Camden Yards for a baseball game and go to the Baltimore Aquarium afterwards to see the dolphins. Then, we could walk around the Inner Harbor.

To eat, I would take them to the famous "Pizza Hut," where they make the best pizza. I would really like to see their reactions to the skyscrapers downtown (in the center of the city). They are really tall and they look just like the ones in the American films. Speaking of films, I'd take them to one of those huge movie theatres to see a movie and eat popcorn. Another place I'd like to go would be to the Mall where there are a million different kinds of stores, restaurants, elevators, escalators, etc.

See! First I was sad, but now, after thinking about going to America with my friends, I'm happy once again, because I know that we would have a world of fun!

*That's my future writer! Jordan Eric Del Dottore*
PS. What were you expecting, an essay on deafness and the cochlear implant? He's just a "normal" 12 year old boy! *smile*


Naomi said...

Too cute! Loved your last line : - ) I continually have to remind myself that just because my passion is making a difference, it isn't right to put pressure on my young man to do the same. Although I suspect he will later when the time is right for him.

Stephen said...

Jordan my boy....that was unreal! What a terrific response to your assignment! You have your mother's nack for writing. However, what about Florida? Remember Disney, Lion Country Safari, the Water Park, Nauno's house where there are 4 community pools, the batting cages, etc. etc. etc. Maybe the next assignment!I Love U and Miss U! Nauno Steve

Unknown said...

Hi Dad, hahahaha,
love you...