Monday, January 19, 2009



Interesting morning. I really try to be productive, but there is always someone or something that gets in my way. I went to the store that supplies us with Jordan's equipment needs. Two months ago I asked for an estimate for a Phonak Inspiro fm system- I heard good things about it from the Ci Circle, then I saw it at the NHS 2008. I must have it. They gave me the price estimate, I went to the ASL and they approved it. I returned this morning- okay, two months later. The gentleman had no idea what I was talking about, couldn't find the estimate on the computer. I wrote down the name and that Jordan has a Nucleus Freedom processor, he told me he would call the company and get back to me.

In the meantime I received an SMS from a friend who was having a crisis regarding her 17 year old daughter- the hysterical type where when I call to see if she's okay, she's bawling on the phone. So, I tell her to get the coffee machine ready, I'm on my way. About one minute from her house, my cell rings, it's the guy from the store saying, "Jodi, do you know how much a Freedom Processor costs?"


I had to spend another twenty-five minutes explaining the parts of the Inspiro and that I did not need the cochlear implant processor. Does this give anyone an idea of WHAT I AM DEALING WITH HERE????? To give credit where credit is due, he did say that not all mothers are like me. Apparently he understands something. He's a very nice gentleman.

Anyway, back to the desperate mom. Apparently, her teenage daughter opened a big mouth to her, is insensitive and a bitch from hell. Hahahahahahahaha. I suddenly had a flash of what my life will be like ten years from wasn't pretty. The mom is going through menopause, while the daughter just broke up with her boyfriend. Really bad situation. I drank my coffee, had a couple of cookies and cheered her up. She then took me to her daughter's bedroom where she showed me some MSN correspondence that she had saved to the computer. She SPIES on her daughter's conversations. Total PRIVACY INVASION!!

*Are you the type to spy on your child: read text messages, diaries, computer chats?*

So not a smart move. I still have my diary from when I was a little girl. I swear I must have cussed my mom out on every page. Oh God, the funniest entry was the first, I think it was on January 3rd, 1986. I wrote something like. "Today, I got my period for the very first time in my life. Signed, Jodi, The Woman."

It's been downhill ever since...


MB said...

Keep us posted on how much an inspiro costs. If it's cheaper overseas we might just have to go on holiday. :)

Unknown said...

No problem!

Anonymous said...

We've been using the Inspiro since last year with some issues. My school bought 4 passarounds to place in the classroom so the kids wouldn't have to physically pass it during class. The Inspiro was only tested with 2 prior to our receiving them. My school district has been trouble-shooting ever since and seems to fall back on the original T2 (?) Phonak system it used previously quite often.

Make sure you know what your warranty, trial period and return options are in case you're not happy.

Anonymous said...

Why, yes -

Our kids never had a computer or TV in their rooms before they left for college. One of the conditions when they first got access to a computer was that *all* correspondence will be open to review by one or both parents. But then, if they know up front, then it is hard to call that "spying".


Danielle said...

JODI- My friend one word of advise always research online!!! I hope this helps. Another word of advice BUY IT ONLINE... ppl in the store are useless are u noticed

hope this helps: anymore ??'s let me know! I know alot about these devices.

Here is the link!