Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Univ. of Pisa...Here I Come!

My life is insane. My poor husband. I told him he had eleven years of "peace," and now he must deal with the beast: me. I think that when a woman awakens, everyone around her awakens. And my awakening was pretty strong. Yesterday, we dropped my car off for an oil change at 8:30 a.m. and had to be in Pisa by 10 when I had a meeting with Jordan's ci surgeon. He told me he would dedicate an entire hour to me to discuss my plans for developing a parent-parent mentoring program with his ENT unit. Miraculous- an entire hour. The trip to Pisa usually takes two hours, especially during rush hour. Luca managed to get me there at 10 on the dot.

I entered the office to find the surgeon, who said, "Jodi, I had an emergency and I have to take this to another office. If you want to talk, you'll have to come with me."

So, off we went. Damn, that man can walk fast. And there I was, shooting my thousand questions and explaining my project as we zipped through the hospital/university campus. He agreed with my ideas, outlined his requirements and I am now officially working with his team. (I really need to quit smoking!)

I have a million ideas. This man has no idea what he's in for...

My first meeting with the mom who contacted me is on Thursday. I'm motivated and excited to start establishing resources and necessary information.

*Smile* I am the luckiest...


VBnBama said...

Jodi, I used to smoke. When Brook was a baby, I stopped. I wanted to be able to run in the yard, and just play w/my kids w/out having to take smoke breaks. First, you need to substite the habit. Keeping yourself busy is key!! You sound like you have that covered, and Luca probably has a few other ideas if you get bored, lol. Something else to keep in mind...once you quit, you'll realize how bad you must have smelled to the non-smokers. I can smell cigarettes immediately when someone walks in the room, it comes out of their skin, their hair, etc. Think about how much more you can do if you got back all those smoke breaks. That's like a whole hour added to your day. Lots of luck!

Dianrez said...

Val's got it right. I lost my mom due to smoking, you don't want to hear the details. A woman on a mission is an awesome thing indeed, so you go, girl! Have a cup of tea on me!

Anonymous said...

Luca needs a mom.
Do you need more motivation to stop smoking?

End of motivational speech.


Unknown said...

Ok..I'm getting closer. Thank you...(Btw, I think I may just go have that tea)

Anonymous said...

uh!?! I don't need a mom..
I need a woman.. A smoke free woman..



ps. Lucky, I guess You meant Jordan and Sofia need a healthy mom..

Anonymous said...

You can have a tea or... What Val said to do when you get bored?



Unknown said...

Glad to see the cappuccino finally kicked in...don't you have work to do???

Anonymous said...

don't disturb.. man at work

Stephen said...

Jo...Regarding the smoking and Val's, Luca's and others comments...I REST MY CASE! Regarding Aidan's film....I know of only ONE film that needs to be made and it's NOT hers........it's RALLY CAPS!!! Dad

Anonymous said...

Aw dang, sorry I got ya confused, Luca.
But I think you said it well, "A smoke-free woman."

Hopefully, she's listening!

Yea, I meant the kids need a healthy mom, and while we're at it, a healthy dad, TOO!

You both ROCK...keep on rockin' and hack the smokin'.

There's plenty of good wine nearby! Develop a new habit.


lphelan said...

I'd like to see the rally caps movie! i just wish it was in a bookstore or library where i can see the book written by you guys. as a poor college student, i cant afford to buy the book! same with rachel's 2 books i havent seen yet :(