Thursday, January 8, 2009

Drew's Mom and Dad

Okay. I am trying to be the perfect mom. I'm not succeeding. This morning we woke up late, I took the dog out to pee and miraculously, she did. She then pooped in the house, but we're making progress. I got Sofia ready by 8:05 am (school starts at 8 am) and even remembered to put on her pink scarf. Proud of myself for managing to close the dog in the house without jamming Sofia's knapsack in the door, I turn to go to the car, Sofia looks at me and says, "Mommy, my coat?" Oh God. So, I open the door, the dog sprints outside, I slide on Sofia's coat and throw Brie back in the house. So we finally make it to school at 8.20 am, I ring the bell and Sofia's teacher is waiting for me at the door. She wasn't looking too happy, in fact, she reamed me out, and threatened me for always being late. I told her she had REALLY pretty green eyes. She smiled and I left. Here I am, feeling all warm and gushy after my morning cappuccino with the girlies.

Since starting my new blog in Italian, I've been reading a lot more blogs of younger children. I steal material, because the Italians desperately need resources. One blog in particular -aside from the photos and videos I consistently steal from Val and Christina - Turn on My Ears is a wealth of information and human spirit. Drew's Mom and Dad post on Ci Circle and are always willing to share information and Drew's clothes.

One commenter wrote:
I saw on Drew's blog a video of the kids playing at COSI. On the back of his shirt is a pocket holding his bi-lateral processors. I was wondering what the measurements were on that and also where you had them done. My son is being bi-laterally implanted in a few weeks and I would prefer not to use the harness. I think your set up looks much better. Can you please, send me your contact or just the measurements, so I can get my local seamstress to see if she can do it, or if it is something I can do. Also, do you have a button or velcro holding it closed? What stops it from falling out. I noticed he was hopping around and it never moved.

Thank you so much for posting on your blog, we have been reading it and really have gained ALOT of information from it. The video of Drew's equipment was so valuable for my husband and me. Please tell your husband he gave us our own "in service" LOL. Drew's piano video made us smile, we played it several times for our older children to see. You have a special young man there for sure! God Bless...

Drew's mom and dad immediately responded as did other mothers who apparently were recipients of Drew's onesies, twosies, etc. All this generosity, sharing, good will, giving via internet makes my heart go bump. So.........

My second official Blog Award (that I create as I go along, because I want to...) goes to Drew's Mom and Dad for their inspirational blog: Turn on My Ears
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