Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Dove

I am terrified to make a wrong move.
My character has been perceived as aggressive.
Hitting the send button is oftentimes a traumatic experience for me.

I think we have a politician willing to help in the Region of Lazio- home to Rome.
He is my facebook friend, clicked in from I have no idea where.
But once we talked about a dove- I had thought it was a pigeon, but it was a dove.
He joined the forum.
He started posting ci articles on the Italian forum and interacting with the members...kind of like I did when I began writing on Deafread.
A stranger with no experience in the sector.
I had forum members react in not a nice way.
They felt like their privacy was being violated.

Sometimes, not always, but sometimes we need to open the door to our pain and joy and let others become aware. If I had blocked his participation, it would have been similar to when in the past Deaf Community members shut out ci parents. When, instead we were allowed in...we did not offend, we just presented a different reality.

Turns out he's a politician willing to help, interested in promoting the screening.
He asked me to write a note to present to the Regional meeting.
I slightly panicked, who the hell am I to write a note?
I contacted the two parent associations I know in Rome, and one in another Region of Italy. I collaborated with our pediatric federation representative for Lazio and an ENT researcher I've been collaborating with in Rome.
They all responded within three hours and provided me with history and resources.
I just sent the note.
Hitting the send button was traumatic.
How bad can a politician be who loves doves?

Once upon a time I dreamt of a dove that took me to a white light...I didn't want to leave the light, but I had to. Then I woke up with the sensation that everything was going to be ok.
The day before Jordan's surgery, I walked by a church and saw a dove sitting on the cross. I am not Catholic, but in those situations, you pray to all. And love the dove.
I don't know...there are a lot of babies born in Lazio every year...

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