Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jordan and Sofia

Yesterday on the Italian forum a Mom left this comment:
Hi Everyone........my nine year old son already has one cochlear implant and now, by himself, he decided he wants to go for the second one....crossing fingers!
Then, her son, who had requested to join the forum replied:
Here I am! Yes, it's true, I've decided I want another one!

I have read a lot of posts before between the American and Italian groups, but I have NEVER seen a nine year old leave such a comment.

Last weekend I was in the region of Calabria for a pediatric course on screening and audiology. There is no regional law for Newborn hearing screening in Calabria, but during that meeting the Audiologists made an appeal to the pediatricians requesting their support to help pass the screening. I just got an email of a press release about the course highlighting a team approach between Audiologists and Pediatricians in an appeal to regional politicians demanding that the screening be passed. The press release talked about the National Audiology Network stimulating the Screening.

24 hours after that course, I received an email from one of the doctors present. She immediately requested to join the forum and wrote me an email about how important the role of families is in the process.

This is an emotional period for me. I may not have a great, important love in my life right now...but I have this extremely profound love FOR my life right now...and there are people helping me, finally.


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Paula {JustABiteDesserts.com} said...

You are blessing so many people with your important work. In turn, blessings have and will continue to be bestowed on you. Sometimes it happens when you're not looking or least expect it. xoxo