Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What Tammy Said...

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... most of the time it's fine. In fact, more than most of the time you
don't think twice about it. Second nature like. 
Kids storm the house. He has friends coming in and out 24 hours a day.
Jordan hasn't hit the "I want to go to the Center of Town and hang out with my friends" phase, we're still in the land of X-Box Live.
But one day in the near future, he will approach that Town Center. He will fall in love and I hope she's sensitive and kind. I hope she doesn't break his heart. He will start asking for the motor scooter and when I say "NO!" I hope he will accept it and not think I've told him no because he's Deaf. 
One day he will want to get on a plane by himself and fly to the USA to visit his grandparents and I will say "Yes", because I know that he can handle that flight. I know that he has learned to compensate for what may be missing or for what may be more difficult for him. 
He handles a crisis calmly, he is an excellent big brother. He is affectionate, loving and somewhat motivated.
Jordan will always come into contact with ignorance.
And he will use what he has learned to combat that ignorance.
So, as the mother of a son who is further ahead in the journey...
Tammy, I say to you...
Keep moving forward, because it is those lessons learned in the present,
the time and attention that you dedicate to loving your family and
that will prepare your child to confront all of those infamous worries that torment those free moments that actually give you time to think.
Keep the faith.

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tammy said...

You have such a way with words Jodi and I am always so thankful for them. It is because of Jordan's story(ies) and Rachel's and Brooke's and Gage's and so many others that keep me grounded, help to keep my faith in check and move forward; maybe not completely "ready" for what's to come next (who ever is?), but prepared. I hope you all have a wonderful summer! xoxo

PS - Ryan's been asking for a scooter ... I say ride your bike. ; )