Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Silver Lining

Two days ago a mom contacted the Italian forum. Her five month old son had just had his second ABR that indicated profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. She was looking for information on the cochlear implant. I responded to her, and she wrote, "Jodi, we know each other! I was the woman who worked with the Italian publishing company that published Rally Caps. I read the book, so when they told me about my son's diagnosis, I was prepared."


I called my speech therapist to ask her if she could help this family and she said of course. She then told me that she has four new babies under the age of nine months. Unbelievable...the screening is working in Grosseto.

This family's journey will be very, very different than ours. She already knows of all of the possibilities that exist for her son in the year 2011, and she has got an entire forum of support to guide her in this journey.

And it all started with Jordan.


Anonymous said...

One thing that really bother me. Cochlear implant users and deafhood is no difference, they both are the same in shoe however, they cannot work for police, security guard, firefighter, army, navy, lawyer, justice, politician, doctors, and you name it, coz they do not hire who ci users same as deafhood. Cochlear implant labelled to be a deafness as well as deafhood. Cochlear implants is a must for thier hearing parents's sake for the communication, such speak (talk) and hear a thing like the music, nothing more. I do researched and wondered but cochlear implant is nothing to find more important, otherwise, the only for a speak (talk) and hear a thing... I not against ci, but I do have friends who's ci users, which I respect them as well, therefore, they told me ci is not worth it beacuse there is too many issues same as deafhood problems such frustration to find the jobs, too many negative such like the people will notice ci on the skull to identity them a deafness, unlike deafhood to hard identity coz look so normal due none ci machine on the skull... so anyway, my point cochlear implants is completely failure... But just for hositpal and doctors profits... no hard feeling... :)

Anonymous said...