Sunday, May 8, 2011

Being a Mom is...

Taking advantage of your children while they sleep.
Cooking a different meal for each child, because their tastes are different.
Giving in when they beg on hands and knees with fake tears to go outside, even when you know you are being suckered and they should be in the shower.
Defending your child before a teacher.
Fighting to ensure your child's rights are respected.
Cleaning the dog-shi* off your son's shoe.(two weeks later, as you pray he outgrows the shoes)
Turning off your computer to listen to four songs in Italian...five times.
Sharing your computer so your son can chat on facebook, when you have deadlines to meet.
Leaving work early four days in a row to pick your child up from school because it ended early, and taking him for pizza just you and him.
Dropping your child off for a fieldtrip on a Saturday morning at 6:50 am...and waiting til the bus leaves so you can wave and wave and wave.
Wondering if you will be able to support your two kids alone.
Spending holidays at your ex-in-laws.
Teaching your son how to kiss and warning your daughter to never kiss.
Spying on your son at the bus-stop, because he's complained of a bully.
Giving chocolate to the secretaries of any and all doctors directly related to your child's healthcare.
Dropping your baby off at pre-school and worrying until you pick him up.
Learning to let go and trust that your love has been enough...

Realizing what it meant for your mom to be a mom...
And seeing her through new eyes.

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solisti nunti said...

Hi, how was your mother`s day? Did you enjoyed it? Mine was good, unfortunately the weather was very bad.