Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Walk a Kilometer in My Shoes

When two people have shared shoes, all it takes is a glance and there is a common understanding. When two people have rolled up the same sleeves, pulled at the earth with raw hands and listened to the same music on the ipod, there is synchronicity.

During the meeting with the regional representatives, I met a pediatrician, mother of twins both implanted at two years of age. We hugged at the end of the meeting. Every now and then we would catch each others' eyes and smile.

Anne, a friend I met through the Ci Circle who works miracles on the Italian forum came to visit the hotel while I was in Rome, so finally I met two of her three kids, one who has a cochlear implant. She stayed for an hour...enriching experience. She will never know how thankful I was to see her and to talk ci kids, ci surgeons and life...

I received a phone call today from the mother of a child who is having problems with his Clarion implants. There is an infection, the child has been over-medicated by doctors who are refusing to take out the implant to the point where he has a new medical condition. WTF? We talked and instead of being compassionate, I got pissed off. I cannot stand when the medical community tries to cover its ass instead of helping a child. This mother has been suffering for years with this situation that has occurred repeatedly. In the USA there are class action lawsuits underway and in Italian, on line, I found only one case reported.

I don't really want to stir something up...but I will if someone doesn't do something to help this mom.


Julia said...

That child should be explanted (and hopefully reimplanted) ASAP. A septic reaction could be fatal. It's rare cases like this that add fuel to the anti-CI fire. If a doctor is being irresponsible and trying to cover his butt, not only could this have devastating consequences for that family, but it could jeopardize the ability of other families to get CIs, so he's not doing the CI community any favors.

Karen Putz said...

My heart goes out to that mom and kiddo--hope it heals up quick!

Unknown said...

It is a truly horrifying situation. A mom feels impotent to help her child, and is placed in that condition. Having problems digesting this, but more than offer assistance and suggestions and support, what can I do?

Anonymous said...

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