Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dirty Laundry!!!

I had to share a facebook thread here. I asked the question, "How many people hang their clothes on the clothesline?" Come clean.

These were the responses:

Bachelor number 1: Clothesline? I launch them on the sofa :P
Various friends and moms...
* The air in Baltimore is too dirty, I'd have to re-wash them.
* Never - the air is so humid they would never dry. I do hang most of my shirts and nightgowns on hangers on the shower rod for them to dry as I don't like putting them in the dryer. I used to do the line thing in the 70s...stiff blue jeans are NO fun :-)
* I did for 2 years when I lived in St Lucia (after washing my clothes by hand!) Don't miss it one bit! Especially sheets!
* What's a clothes line? (My mom-lol)
* Used to-yard not big enough's a deck and parking pad...old B-more row home ya know :)
* I had to do that my entire childhood for my large family (it was my job as the only girl - yes, I grew up in a sexist, mysogynistic family) so when I got married I pulled a Scarlett O'Hara. (As God is my witness, I will never hang clothes on a clothesline again!)
* There is a family in the court across the street from me, that hangs their clothes out everyday on a rack or their satellite dish...

This response, I loved so, so much:
I do most days. I like the smell of nature and sunshine in my clothes. Got into the habit from travel abroad. And there's something old school about it that I love, too. Especially in New Orleans, near the river, Ole' Miss. I have indoor and outdoor clotheslines. Besides, you can't put hand washables in the dryer most of the time. Actually, i don't understand how people go w/o hanging clothes on a clothesline? They don't have hand-washables or gentle fabrics that can't go in the dryer?

However, I will say there is a HUGE difference between hanging SOME of one's clothing out to dry vs ALL of one's clothing. You don't have a dryer, Jodi? I think it's awesome seeing everybody's clothing hanging out to dry in other parts of the world :*) There's nothing more intimately, neighborly than seeing everyone else's undies hanging out there for the world. I remember that feeling from living in Spain!!

Well, I will say that we are definitely, intimately, neighborly around here. Luca once said while hanging skimpies, after I dropped about 30 pounds..."Every man should hang clothes!" Hilarious.

Hanging clothes is one of the most intimate things a person could ever do. One lives a variety of emotions when handling certain items, however the most beautiful of clotheshanging experiences is hanging your children's clothes...and watching them grow.

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