Friday, October 9, 2009

Left Field

Playing sports teaches you how to be a part of a team, enables you to find self-motivation, brings out the competitive edge, determination and the desire to achieve not only for yourself but for your team. You learn how to lose with dignity and how to win gracefully. You watch your teammates and cheer their progress or encourage them in times of weakness.

You step up to the plate prepared to hit a homerun and you strikeout...but you get back up to bat even more determined the next go round..and maybe instead of trying to slam the ball, you set your mind on that base hit. While running the bases, you trip, fall and pick yourself back up, because your team is depending on you, but most of all, you never want to remain with your nose in the dirt.

Loss after loss, and I have always been on losing teams, you learn to concentrate on each team member's personal victories and every minor accomplishment becomes something enormous to celebrate.

*Game Face*

A curve ball is like the shit that comes at you from left field- when you least expect it, expect it. And then there are those times when you take a hard-thrown fastball in the stomach, slightly flinch and play on.

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