Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ladies Night

Yesterday, I went with my friend and two of her friends to spend a girls' day out. I met them at the designated place, and when I arrived, all I could see were three hot blondes. I smiled and said, "Hello hot ones! Are we ready?"

My girlfriend looked at me and rolled her eyes.

She asked me how things were going, that's when I rolled my eyes.

Then, we sat on the little bench made of concrete and turned our faces to the sun.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, sun...for the first time in a while.

Each smiling blonde had a story to tell and each of us encouraged each other, patted each other on the back and laughed at every single tragedy imaginable.

My girlfriend was lookin' hot in a tight gray sweater, short gray skirt and sheer black pantyhose. She adjusted her glasses, stuck out her chest, proud of those perfect breasts- well-earned and strutted her stuff. We smiled and complimented her, we love her. She is an old soul, one of those special people who has experienced so much pain, yet who continues to appreciate life and who demands to live it.

A woman in a white uniform came outside and called her name.

My friend looked at us terrified. Three blinding smiles...she smiled back, threw back her shoulders and went to get her MRI.

The three of us turned our faces to the sun.


Julia said...

Good luck to your friend, and I hope the MRI yields nothing but good news.

Unknown said...

Thank you...the situation is limbo.