Wednesday, October 28, 2009

World Peace...Funny

How can people expect there to be World Peace when there is war within families? And families love each other. In my house there is no peace.
I have six kids running around at all times. Sibling rivalry. Video games blasting and a dog and a cat who will never get along.

Me, myself and I? Peace...funny. Between screaming kids, fighting animals, other stuff, work, emails, bills, friends you thought were friends but who really weren't friends, relationships of all varieties and inner conflict..Peace???? I can't even get along with myself.


Then, of course there is the Deaf community. Ci users vs. Anti-Ci radicals. Neverending debates, insults, war.
Peace? Go take a walk down youtube ci video lane and read the comments.
(In any case, check out this post: World Deaf Information Project Launches. It is truly remarkable...)

Yet...we must fight for world peace. What an impossible, idealistic crock of shit.




I do believe.

The love generation had the best idea- Make Love, not war, then someone dropped the AIDS bomb and blew that possibility to Never Neverland.

And so...

I don't know.

Just one of those days that requires a nutella milkshake.


MM said...

Not that I want to pile on the misery but! the world deaf thing with America as its centre is something the Eurpeans won't go for, they are damned nuisance enough to us in the UK.

Basically they barely support the UK or the USA in Iraq/Afghanistan and elsewhere, they will oppose unity on that basis.

All is futile, but there's always Macdonald's :)

Debbie said...

I learned a long time ago, particularly in my marriage, that I have no power over someone else. What they say and do is their own baggage that they bring to the table. It's all in your perception.

Jodi, you're a half full with it. I know how you embrace this life of yours and how you are making the best of it for you, your family, your friends, and countless others thru your tireless work and efforts!

Peace? You must have some of it in you because you give it to everyone else with that great big smile of yours. xo

Unknown said...

MM in the house!!! *smile*
I've missed you:-P...McDonald's- hilarious! You know, Jordan refuses to eat the Chicken McNuggets in Italy- he'll only eat them in the USofA. Personally, I can't stand the place.

Rare to find a person as giving as you..I appreciate you 100%. One of the most beautiful comments ever received...Thank you and kiss the Amazing One:-)

Dianrez said...

I was pondering this very topic when watching my Siamese cats fighting. They leap at each other, roll around biting and kicking, chase each other, lay ears back and spike fur at each other, and throw quite a few spiked slaps. Then they curl up together, purr, wash each other's faces and nap peacefully.

So it is with sibs and friends and colleagues. Well, almost. Peace returns for a while longer before things erupt again.

Perhaps this is just exercise in being alive. We batter each other as if in practice for real enemies, testing our limits, and most of all, sublimating excess pressure.

Like the office harridan that makes life miserable for everyone else or the internet bully, they trip a release vent that excuses us exploding here and then when things go too far. Made sense to me.

Now to hunt up the next boor that rubs me the wrong way...mmm, it's going to feel good blowing my cool.

Paula Rosenthal said...

My belief is that having differing views is what makes the world interesting. There is no right or wrong. It's about what is right for you or your child in your particular set of circumstances and background. My choices are my choices and yours are yours. They don't need to be the same for us to get along.

In fact, my best friend for 30 years is a woman who disagrees with my views on religion, abortion and some of life's other big issues. What connects us? The fact that we're both open minded and agree to disagree. We practice mutual respect. We share similar moral values and a childhood filled with raucous laughter, wild escapades and ups and downs, among other things. Nowadays, with my busy life of mothering and entrepreneurship and hers as an ER doc and mother of 6, it is rare that we are able to get together. But when we do, the years fall away and we pick up where we left off. We believe the issues that separate us are not as important as the peace of friendship, love and respect. Peace is a choice. Choose it and your life is instantly richer.

Jo (Australia) said...

One of those days or has it been one of those months. I understand how you feel Jodi, there doesn't seem to be any peace around at the moment, only chaos. I, like you, always struggle to find peace within myself & I suppose that's where it starts.
You always make me smile everytime I read your blog & I barely know you, see how your words touch the world. That should bring you some peace, I hope!! XX

Brandon Cline-Jones said...

lol funny post...

I cant watch those videos, they piss me off.. basically all I hear is that, if your hearing your in one category, and if you are deaf you should be in that category...

so when you have a completely hearing family and a deaf child, you apparently dont belong to any group and what you want doesnt matter....

its not ok that the whole family cant learn sign language the deaf community would rather you do nothing about it, because if you implant your kid, you are somehow a horrible person...

pffft.... now that is a crock of shit.

Dianrez said...

Me, I'm not sure what you're saying, but what I see in the local Deaf community is a healthy mixture.

Here we have HOH and Deaf socializing, CIs and Deaf, families learning sign at the local school for the deaf for their one deaf child and everyone encouraging them. The CI is no more notable than another hearing aid in this crowd.

It's becoming more cosmopolitan these days.

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