Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life's Little Lessons

Love, love this video. I was talking about the lack of daily smiles in the gray region of Tuscany a couple of blogs back- no sunflowers bloomin' in the near vicinity- and this video reminded me of my first Halloween in this place. Allow me to say that only in the last three years have the Tuscans figured out that Halloween is an occasion for "fun" and not Satan. I am living in Pope country. They still don't get the fact that children can dress up as princesses and clowns and not just blood-dripping vampires and mummies from hell. Give 'em another three years and they'll get it together.

Anyway, my first Halloween here, I didn't realize that it was only an American holiday, so I dressed up thirteen month old Jordan as a smurf. I should have had a clue when I went searching for Halloween costumes and there were none to be found. Anyway, I painted Jordan blue, and I threw on a witch's hat, because obviously I was the mother witch, strapped him in his stroller and off we went around town. I kid you not, half the people looked us up and down, did not change their facial expression and walked on. The other half didn't even look at us.

There we were, Jordan's first Halloween, smurfed up and ...NOTHING!!!!
Then, I started getting pissed off. How was it possible that not even an old grandma type would look at my adorable smurfy boy and SMILE!!!!!

So, I forced myself to smile first and...


People smiled back.



Debbie said...

LOVE THAT!!! Why am I not surprised to hear this story?!? You really are the funnest and ballsiest person I know.

Thanks for all the lovin! Amelia is doing well. She's moving the junk from her lungs in heaps. Lots of suctioning (haven't used it on her in over a year, oh well).

I make no promises for a live performance at Thanksgiving -- it's been years...seriously, at least a decade! Although I do a very moving "5 Little Ducks";)

Unknown said...

Start practicing...and if I make it to the reunion- you will do it live for the class of '89. I have total confidence in you:)