Friday, September 25, 2009

Through Your Eyes...

Quite possibly the heaviest material I've ever seen. I will comment on this video from a psychological perspective and not in regard to the issue of the "cochlear implant fix"...we've already over-debated the subject. The video gave me a profound sensitivity check in regard to how my blog may be viewed and perceived by members of the Deaf Community. I write to inform and provide resources through my experiences with my son. Having seen this, I can appreciate how the material I write can be offensive- the photo of the doctors with the thumbs up was horrifying. The picture of the surgery...disturbing.

Very thought-provoking video.


Dianrez said...

It was an extreme way to bring awareness to hearing people who opt to have CI surgery done on their deaf children. I'm not sure I agree with it as it misses a great point.

This point is, being Deaf isn't the tragedy that many would suppose it to be. All the reasons people give for the CI can be countered by producing Deaf people who can do that same thing without need for aids or implants.

Other than that, I'm very interested in what parents have to say about this clip. Do watch it all the way to the O.Henry ending.

Unknown said...

Hi Dianrez...this video has generated a lot of commentary on the Ci Circle where I found it. I posted one of my reactions because it touched that nerve. It is extreme propoganda in regard to Anti-Ci and from what I've read, the person who posted it is not very open to discussion.
I'm tired of the same old debate, either people understand or they don't. Who searches information can now find it...that was a missing link.

Anonymous said...

I know Jodi.

Could you please give me a link of the CI circle? I'd love to hear their reactions.

I'm with you when I saw his video. It's horrifying.

White Ghost

Julia said...

I thought the video was well-made and thought-provoking. (I disagree with the message and I think it's a simplistic and flawed analogy, but that's not my point here.) What really bothered me was all of the factually inaccurate claims made in the comments section, and also how bizarrely hostile lagunazurfer was to anyone who didn't agree with him. Based on the video, you would think that he's a very clear-headed person and rational person, but in the comments he came across as paranoid and obsessed with conspiracies. He struck me as someone embittered by his life's experiences -- which doesn't make his case any stronger. Dianrez makes a far stronger case in just one calm, rational paragraph than he does by venomous ranting.

lphelan said...

Jodi-Oh my God!!!! I am in utter shock that this deaf guy would change his hearing child and force him to become deaf. He supposedly did that just so that his wife and him would feel comfortable in having a child that is deaf instead of a hearing one. Why destroy children's hearing?? There is no need to. It is already a hard world out there, and by not having cochleas, even that said child wouldn't be able to have cochlear implant surgery. The parents forced that said child to be deaf against his will. It is just absoutely disgusting, and i'm horrified even though I am deaf myself. Whatever children are, regardless of "hearing status", they should be left alone. However, if they are deaf and the family is hearing or whatever, then they should CIs. Again, another however, cochlear implants may not work for everyone depending on the family's background and stuff. YIKES. I'm disgusted at the moment and at the end, it showed his dog. WTF. I'm appalled that he would even fabricate a story, to such a point where its insulting.

again, oh my god.


Dianrez said...

Just now received a note from the CI Circle refusing my application to join their group as it is only for parents of CI children and their associates.

While I respect that and would not have sent responses to this listserv, I was sorry not to see the responses of parents to those two controversial videos.

It might have been illuminating how they see the Deaf community and wake us up to those of us who unnecessarily alienate parents.

Julia said...

Dianrez, it was a really interesting discussion on cicircle, and a some of it had to do with perceptions/misconceptions about being Deaf. I learned a lot from it and was motivated to read some online articles, and (when I get a chance) I'm going to discuss some of what I learned on my blog. I can't share details from the cicircle discussions because it's against house rules, but it might satisfy a little of your curiosity. Jodi, sorry to take up real estate on your blog with a plug for my own -- please delete if this is a problem.

Anonymous said...

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