Wednesday, September 23, 2009



My eyeballs are falling out of my head from smashing my face in the computer screen the past four days. I can't sleep because I keep going over things in my brain- every once in a while I laugh at myself..totally normal.

Today, Jordan came home from school and told me there's a boy bullying him...the same pain in the ass who has trouble in school and acts like a total delinquent. In the past, Jordan's classmates helped defend him, now I think he has that edge of maturity to defend himself. But he's obviously annoyed. I'm meeting with his support teacher on Friday...we'll discuss how to work on this. Having a support teacher in the classroom is not only extremely helpful for Jordan as she understands his needs in the classroom better than he does, but she is my direct line of communication to what goes on in the classroom. And to think there are parents who are too embarrassed to request assistance for their kids. Middle school is a touchy situation. Unfortunately, I can't just run in to save the day, because then he'll be made fun of for calling his mommy. Finding the right balance between letting him know I'm there, without actually being THERE is the goal.

Aside from the drama, the past four days there have been a minimum of six kids in my house and if you don't have Wii, I highly recommend it just so you can have the surreal experience of walking in on four kids smacking at the air with the remote controls.

Happy air-smackin' kids, productive Mamma.


Dianrez said...

Middle school is the purgatory of childhood. When your son survives that, he'll be all right in high school.

Any intercession should be with the aim of keeping Jordan in total control of the situation, rather than by directives from above. Bullies shouldn't get any more weapons and having teacher or mommy get involved is definitely a weapon in their hands.

Since this is essentially about surviving until maturity takes over, sometimes the only thing to do is stay physically away from the bully so he can not exert any control. It may take just a few years, or last as long as ten years, but distance works.

Unknown said...

Wise words...not surprised:)

Stephen said...

Jo...A swift kick in the bullies' privates should do it! And Nonno would do it for Jordan....but I'm 3,000 miles away....good thing, huh?!

Shehuntstoo said...

oh I so feel this one...Jesse has a bully on the bus who keeps swatting the CI off his head..yep tough times for middle schoolers