Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jellyfish Attack!

Drama on the beach. To ask for and receive a relaxing vacation for my poor mother and stepfather would just be too much, we must have an incident or a true vacation Italian style it would not be. Yesterday morning, I drove Sofia and Jordan to the hotel on the beach with the beautiful calm sea five steps away, sent Jordan to swim and hauled Sofia upstairs to drop off some bags with a change of clothes and my flatiron. As I smilingly walked out to the beach, I was greeted with my mom running to the sea and the sound of Jordan wailing in pain.
I ran.
I still had my car key in hand, threw it to my mom who threw me a towel and booked into the sea fully-clothed to meet Jordan who was shaking and screaming with a hand covering his face.

*Jellyfish on the eye*

I covered his eye with the towel and took him to the shower to wash it off. Wrong move. When bitten by a jellyfish, you should continue bathing the burn with sea-water. The lifeguard brought us ice and sent me to the pharmacy, which was across the street to get some cortizone cream. My mom couldn't understand a word of Italian, Jordan was still moaning and could only see out of one eye. Obviously he couldn't hear because he can't wear his processor on the beach, so I had to literally pry open his one good eye so he could read my lips for each new unfolding event.

I ran to the pharmacy- closed. (of course)
Luckily, the the beach emergency room was within walking distance, so we started heading there on the boiling black asphalt- I looked down and noticed that Jordan didn't have his sandals on, so obviously I gave him mine and burnt my feet on the way there. A mom's gotta be a mom.

After walking back and forth from the Ambulance station to the emergency small room, we finally managed to find a doctor, who was too beautiful to be a doctor- I mean this woman was like Baywatch Doctor-blonde, cleavage and huge blue eyes. She assumed control of the situation, laid Jordan on the table and broke out huge chunks of salt on gauze. Well, Jordan dealt with that for about two and a half minutes before I had to rip it off his eye. We washed it off, amidst screaming and desperation and applied a type of cold cream to soothe the burns.

I had my mom asking what the doctor was saying, the doctor continuing to try to talk to Jordan even after I explained that he couldn't hear her- so I was translating for my mom, prying open Jordan's eye to explain to him and then...all of a sudden Sofia Madyson was starving, thirsty and ready to die.

I don't think I've ever sweat so much in my life- it was dripping, I don't even know where it was coming from but I didn't have the energy to wipe it off, so it stayed.

To make a long story short, the jellyfish were out in force yesterday, to the point where people were bucketting them in the morning- of course I didn't know that. Jordan swam out to the buoy and got stung so hard it threw him back in the water. According to his version, he ripped it off his eye and squeezed it to death, so that he has now become a jellyfish killer-in one version I just heard as he told the version to his friends, he even looked it in the eye as it died.


All's well that ends well- no more sun or beach for Jordan for at least a week. His Bar Mitzvah is Saturday morning...would be nice to get him there in one piece in peace. We shall see.

*Fingers crossed*


Karen Mayes said...

Oh wow, what a gripping fast-paced family vacation story.

I hope he's OK now.

Dianrez said...

Oh no! Scary as that is, it must have been scarier to deal with a doctor one doesn't know with SALT in chunks on the eye?? Hope now his eyes are both clear and functioning equally well!

Thanks for the mental image of looking a jellyfish in the eye (they have eyes?) and killing it with one's bare hands! (don't the hands get stung too?) I'm keeping clear of the ocean! Mazel tov on the bar mitzvah!

Anonymous said...

Geez! Make sure you not to give all the details to your hubby about the Lady-Baywatch-blond-Doctor.

I know it is scary....glad that he's ok. Make sure to write your journal in the scrapbook along with the Bar Mitzvah's adventure story. Go grab some pictures of him with a eye patch and become Capt. Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean. ;-)

White Ghost

K.L. said...

How does your family manage to attract drama like that? I have to say, you do NOT live a boring life! Poor Jordan. However, knowing him, he will have babes galore wanting to sooth him over his heroic ordeal. Good luck with that.

Paula Rosenthal said...

OMG! Please send Jordan our best wishes for both a speedy recovery and a wonderful bar mitzvah. I know you will post photos of him on the bima as he becomes a man. :) Mazel tov to you all!

VBnBama said...

my little brother got stung in the eye too when he was little. Didn't know it was a jellyfish, so he bent down to SMELL of it and zap! poor guy, hope he's better.

Anonymous said...

How do we attrack drama, we are the family of drama. It was a scary day. Loved your blog Jodi. Sent everyone from facebook to it. My grandson is tough. He recovered quickly. I'm surprised Jodi has any feet left after walking on tar hot enough to fry an egg. It is certainly never boring. I must say my daughter was by far the most beautiful woman on the beach. Love, Proud Mamma