Friday, September 18, 2009

5 Minutes

In 5 minutes I can:

- fill my gas tank
- brush my teeth, wash my face, put in my contact lenses, throw my hair in a ponytail and apply lipgloss
- jam to Bob Marley on my ipod
- order a six-piece Chicken Nugget Happy Meal, pay and pick it up
- send an email to my best friend Julie
- walk my dog
- have a cappuccino
- pay a bill at the post office on a good day
- have a crepe with nutella
- reach one million children by speaking before 800 pediatricians.

*What would YOU say?*


VBnBama said...

can't top that are a champion.

Paula Rosenthal said...

Make sure you tell them that too many mothers have been told by pediatricians that they're overbearing, worry too much, need to get a job, when the mother expresses concern over her child's language development and/or hearing. If mine had listened to me intelligently and properly advised me on having her hearing tested, it would have cut Julie's language delays down by a year or more, kept my family together during hers and her brothers early formative years and saved us over $100,000 in the expenses of playing "catch up" which is still ongoing nearly 12 years later.

Let me know if you ever need a mother to speak and I'll be on a plane to Italy.

Go get 'em, girlfriend! I'm SO proud of you!

Anne said...

Jodi, you rock....

I'm totally jealous that it only takes you five miutes at the post office, though!!

Good luck at the conference.
Go! Go! Go!

Unknown said...

Thank you girlfriends, Paula I will say that..without a doubt-have a letter written by an Italian mamma ready to go for the symposium.

ANNE!!!!!!!!!! Why don't you come and meet me there- if you have time, you can help me at the stand and if you have a parent association you work with, you could bring material- God, I'd love to have you with me...It's at the Centro Congressi Ergife Palace Hotel ...let me know!!!

Anne said...

O cavolo! How cool would that be?!!! But, but, where and when is it, exactly? In Florence or Rome? I'm hoping Florence and that there'll be time for lunch....

Unknown said...

Anne- it's here Centro Congressi Ergife Palace Hotel in Rome from the 30th to Oct. 3rd. Send me an email- Are you on facebook? If so, click me...hugs
PS. in regard to the post office- I live in a small town- it sure ain't Rome:)