Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Del Dottore house...

Sofia- Mamma, tell me a story...
Mamma- Once upon a time, there was a really curly little girl who was so beautiful that when she walked outside the sun hid behind the clouds and with such a generous heart that the flowers bowed their heads when she danced by. Then, one day, that little curly-haired girl was feeling blue. So, when she walked outside the sun shone as brightly as it possibly could and the flowers started emitting fragrances that Chanel could only dream of re-creating until that little girl with her first missing tooth smiled a smile so dazzling that the world began to breathe again.
Sofia- Moooooooooooooom....short story!!!
She grabbed her fairy doll, rolled over, smiled and thought of the tooth fairy until her stomach began rising and falling.

Jordan- Hey Ma, can you come lay down with me for a while?
Mamma- On my way.
Total Darkness...
Jordan- Mamma, is Dad taking me to school tomorrow.
(Me thinking to myself, how do I answer that if he can't hear me or read my lips in the dark? So I sit in silence and contemplate as I hold his hand)
Jordan- Ma, if the answer is yes, move your hand up and down like this!
Mamma- (moving hand up and down)
Jordan- Yes?
Mamma- (moving hand up and down)
Jordan- Do I have to take the bus tomorrow?
Mamma- (moving hand left to right)
Jordan- (Laughs) Are you taking Sofia to school?
Mamma- (moving hand up and down)
Jordan- What time?
Mamma- (perplexed)
Jordan- I'll hold your hand and count, stop me when it's the right time.
Mamma- (moving hand up and down eight times for eight o'clock)
Jordan- 8 o'clock?
Mamma- (moving hand up and down)
And smiling...


VBnBama said...

i love it

K.L. said...

Why do they always insist on asking complex questions when they can't possibly hear or see the answers?

Karen Putz said...

Time to learn tactile sign! LOL

tammy said...

Thanks for the smile Jodi! Love it.

Shehuntstoo said...