Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You Know You are Italian When...

1. You see a pair of shoes you absolutely must have in the window of a shop at 12:59 pm. and you have resigned yourself to accepting the fact that you must wait until 4:00 pm to buy them.
2. You are one of the 98% of the population at 1:00 pm and 8:00 pm sitting at the table eating pasta.
3. Conversing with women breastfeeding babies in the cafe, on the train, in the park, in front of school, trying on clothes no longer phases you.
4. Your child screams, "Mommy, there's no toilet paper!! and you calmly whip out a packet of tissues from your purse.
5. You know the type of undergarments your neighbors wear because you see them hanging on the clothesline every day.
6. You can no longer live without a bidet.
7. You only drink cappuccino for breakfast- not as an after-dinner drink.
8. Your kids sing the Italian National Anthem and not the Star Spangled Banner.
9. You order beer with your Happy Meal.
10. While riding the train to Pisa, Americans talk about you to your face because they think you are Italian.
11. You must have cool sunglasses.
12. You yell at your kids instead of explaining and offering choices.
13. You start having difficulty finding the right English word to express yourself.
14. There are Italian songs on your iPod
15. You no longer eat bread with your pasta

I could go on and on, but I have to prepare for the trip home and now that the kids' passports have arrived...I'm sure we'll be leaving.


Anonymous said...


Definitely a big difference between Italians in Italy and Italian Americans here in the states. Although, I'd admit to a bad habit of yelling at the kids instead of explaining choices and so on. A bad habit picked up from my Italian relatives. :)

Am happy to hear you're visiting the states! Enjoy it to the fullest!


Mighe said...

OMG!!! Cappuccino as an after-dinner? NO WAY! :D Eating *bread* with *pasta*? No way (perhaps you can wet a bit of bread in pasta's sausage, yes...)


Ah, you forgot "You start to talk using hands and moving them in dramatic way" , think about "Che *** vuoi??" gesture or "Mamma mia non ne posso più!" putting your hands on your head in a desperate mood... or even "Bono!" with your twisting finger on your cheek :D

Stephen said...

Jo....have a safe trip!!! Pack my stuff! Just another annoying "friendly" reminder! d

Clelia said...

You are 100% Italian . Every Italian do every points in your list.

It's beautiful that your kids sing " Fratelli d'Italia ... l'italia s'è desta...) . You know some of my Italian friends don't know our Italian National Anthem.

I think it's clear what is my nationality!

very funny post...


Unknown said...

Thanks Candyyyyyyy!!!!!
Mighe- Americans! Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!
Yes Dad, your stuff has been packed.

Anonymous said...

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