Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Christian: From Signs to Speaking- One Year Later

Ok. First of all I LOVE The Dave Matthews Band, but that is absolutely not what this post is about. When I saw this video, I cried...not because Christian "hears" and "talks," but because I've followed Christina every step of the way. She has blogged openly about her fears, concerns, respect for Deaf culture and her driving need to "do the right thing" for her son and family. She has inspired me completely.
I just had to post this...it's adorable!!!!

Here's Christian's cochlear implant activation that took place one year ago:

And here he is jammin' to the Dave Matthews Band...one year later:


PolyglotMom said...

He is completely and totally inspiring! Go Christian!

tammy said...

He has been and will always be, one of our main inspirations! What a rockstar!