Sunday, July 5, 2009

USA: Independence Days

Well...WE MADE IT!!!!!
Really smooth flight, Jordan and Sofia are highly experienced world travelers. I will say this: we always fly US AIRWAYS because they have a direct flight from Rome to Philadelphia AND they have the little computer screens on the seats in front of yours with an incredible selection of videos (of course mine didn't work). Every year, we bring the little headphones to plug in so that we can hear the videos...THIS YEAR, JORDAN HAD THE COCHLEAR FREEDOM WIRE THAT CONNECTS FROM THE FREEDOM PROCESSOR TO THE AUDIO SO THAT HE COULD HEAR THE VIDEOS DIRECTLY IN HIS PROCESSOR!!!!!
Unbelievable, you should have seen his face. The incredible thing is that he began complaining to me that there was static in the sound that wouldn't go away, so I plugged in my ipod wire to see if it was true and lo and behold there was static. I asked the flight attendant if she could do anything about it. She reset the audio, Jordan plugged in the cable and the static was gone. Didn't hear from him for the entire 10 hour flight...

When we arrived in Philly, we had a three hour layover, so what's an American girl to do who hasn't shopped in the USA for almost two years? Yes, that's correct, we hit the Harley Davidson store. Sofia found a miniscule stuffed dog that she loved and was arguing with me in Italian trying to convince me to buy it for her. Obviously, the girl behind the counter was staring at us like we were crazy. After five minutes of bickering, Sofia turns to the girl and asks in English, "How much does this cost?" Yes, her first sentence in English, my jaw dropped. As I've said before, she is my child...


When I saw my mom I cried and scared her half to death, I never cry when I see my mom, she thought she must have looked old.
Since we've been here for two days, the kids are already acclimated. We hit Toys r Us (that was my mom's idea. I told her I'd wait outside until she sent the little Toys R Us man outside to come and get me- he said, "Excuse me, Maam, your mom wants you in the store!" hahahaha),

Pizza Hut


and my Aunt Janice's annual Fourth of July Bbq with my entire family who stared at me like, "Who is that?"

I may never go back. (just kidding, I think)
My mom and I drove Sofia downtown last night to see fireworks, Sofia fell asleep and we did the driveby, obstructed view fireworks display...spectacular moment.

By the way, I've learned something new: cars can be turned on using the remote control key or even by pressing a button.
I'm living in a third world country!!!!


Paul said...

Were the videos closed-captioned? Thank you!

Dianrez said...

Happy to hear that USAirways treated you great! On a trip to California recently that airline delayed every one of the seven planes that I took and sent me on wild dashes through airports! Enjoy your stay Stateside!

MB said...

If you complain to US Airways about your screen being broken they will probably give you a voucher. United gave me $200 for the same problem.

Abbie said...

Ha, glad you made it safe and sound :) You will be riding in one of those remote control cars soon enough ;)

Unknown said...

Paul- Sorry I'm late on the response. NO, they were not ccd, unfortunately.
Dianrez- Thanks!!!
MB- I think I need to do that...thanks.
Abbie- I'm blue...but I am so sure you are having fun!! Hug Swiller for me.. *smile*

Anonymous said...

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