Saturday, December 1, 2007


Man have I got the itch to shop, especially because the Christmas lights just went on around town and the holiday music has begun to play, although I can assure you there is nothing more disturbing than hearing "Jingle Bells" in Italian.
Since it's holiday time, just thought I'd mention that Eva, Mia's Mom, has new cochlear implant inspired jewelry for sale. Click here to view the new items. I already have two bracelets and I just purchased a necklace...a portion of the proceeds goes to the Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto where Mia received her cochlear implants.
(The following has nothing to do with the shopping theme of the blog, this is more along the warm, gushy, we need to give to each other and spread love throughout the world aspect of the holiday season.) The yahoo support groups are all about people helping each other through difficult situations and every member of the groups is at a different point in their journey. Some parents have overcome the hard parts and are enjoying the results of years of work, while other parents are only just beginning. Rachel and Jessica's mom Melissa, a seasoned veteran of CI CIRCLE just posted some before and afters of her daughters to give new parents an idea of what is possible with the cis provided they are ready for the challenges of auditory-verbal therapy. To view the videos click this link to Rachel and Jessica's site, ....RACHEL AND JESSICA, YOU HAVE JUST BEEN TAGGED!!! where you will also find all of Rachel's Cochlear Implant Awareness Creations, the proceeds of which go to the Auditory-Verbal Center of Atlanta. TO ORDER ANY OF THE SHIRTS ABOVE CLICK HERE!! And since we're in the shopping mood and my husband just taught me how to post images (oh, there will be no stopping me now!)...I have to post my book!!(Personally, I think it would make the perfect holiday gift to donate to your child's school! (that was utterly shameless of me *grin*))

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