Sunday, December 23, 2007


OKAY! I AM BACK! I had planned on posting last night, but got sidetracked by one of those bizarre chance meetings that are a gift from God. Yesterday was my last day of lessons before the holiday break, I finished at five, then had to run to the town center for some last minute shopping, when hubbie phoned. He said the kids were sleeping at his mom's and where did I want to eat. WAHOOOOOO! I ran home, threw on a skirt and some black and silver sparkly legwarmers, it's cold as a mother here, but a woman must flash some leg every now and then and we headed to our favorite pizzeria BIG PIZZA. After this loooooooong week, I needed a glass of wine, so we ordered a bottle and I drank 3/4 of it. Considering I hadn't really had time to eat all day, I was BOMBED and feeling damn good! As we were finishing our dinner, I saw a red head flash by and heard AMERICAN ENGLISH COME OUT OF HER MOUTH! I rarely do this, but since I was kind of in la la land, I flagged her down and said, "Excuse me, were you speaking English? Are you American? Do you live here?" I shot off a rapid series of questions, she walked straight up to me and started talking to me. She said her name was RACHEL (my life is filled with amazing Rachels)and that she had been living in Porto Ercole - 25 minutes from me- for a year.
Then, I told her I was from Pikesville and she said she used to be married to a guy from Pikesville and had lived on Charles Street and...we looked at each other - time stopped- and we both knew: JEWISH!!! I hugged her, partially because I was drunk but mostly because I had found a kindred soul under the most bizarre of circumstances. We talked nonstop, our husbands put up with us for like two hours. She is actually living in Italy with a German passport that she was given as the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, that was a heavy moment when she gave me that information. We have a lot in common: our favorite store is Target, we love guacamole and Chili's nachos and we are Americans living in Tuscany.
She is married to the nicest guy named Paolo who adores her and who is so similar to my own husband - they both have this issue with buying new clothes and hoarding them, perhaps they like looking at the tags!? and re-wearing the same clothes every day. What is with the men in this country? They will wear the same shirt and pants every single day for a week and the motivation? I'm just at work, why dirty good clothes? HELLO!!! DO YOU NOT SMELL AT WORK? I got my own husband out of this habit, immediately, wearing the same shirt two days in a row is grounds for divorce, in my book. Rachel has done the same with her husband.
Anyway, we had a GREAT!!!! night out last night and I found a new friend!

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Rachel said...

Here's a lovely story about typical Europeans wearing same outfits for several days in a row - When I was in France this past summer, I brought one of my French friends a t-shirt from American Eagle that said "Class of '07" since she just graduated from high school. She thought this t-shirt was the greatest thing as there are NO graduation celebrations nor graduation spirit clothing in France (and I'm sure in Italy too), and NOT even ceremonies where we dress up in caps and gowns! would NOT believe this! She wore this t-shirt EVERY SINGLE day from the day I gave it to her, on Saturday, UNTIL the following Saturday! Europeans do really have a strange mentality, don't they?