Tuesday, December 4, 2007


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When Davey originally posted her concern to the Circle, one of the Moms posted her own experience:

Jen wrote: "After my son's second surgery he had some "bumps" like these but they were NOT the size of grapes. HOLY MOLY! His were the size of small extra small
peas... maybe the top of an eraser?

It turned out he has an allergy to the suters they use under the skin ... a month
after the surgery his body started to reject them. the infections were all at
the skin level thank goodness and did not spread into the head/ear where the
implant was.

DEFINITELY keep an eye on it ... maybe even take your child in and have the
doctor look at it to be sure it's nothing serious...

When I wrote Jen to ask her if it was okay that I post her response, once again for informational purposes, she replied:

"There is a distinct difference between a hypochondriac mom who rushes to the doctor or emergency room every time their child sneezes and a mom who KNOWS when there is something wrong."

Davey sent me three pix of Maya and since as you can see she is just adorable in all three, I've posted all of them. Davey also replied with the following update:

Hi again,
Maya was born 11/29/05. Maya failed her newborn hearing screening and was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss a week later. My husband and I decided to have her genetic testing done. She tested positive for connexin 26. She was implanted in her right ear in December of '06 with AB. Our insurance finally decided they would cover bilateral last May and we scheduled surgery for a week later. She was, and still is, the youngest bilateral patient that our clinic has done.
She has done wonderfully! She has had no other complications or problems. She is talking up a storm. If I had to guess I would say that she has well over 100 words in her vocabulary. We go twice a month to a pre-school focus group through our local ESD and we go twice a month to her audi for speech therapy.
When Maya was tested in the booth last month she tested a little over 20 decibles in both ears. She had just learned how to play the listening game (you know...hear a sound, drop something in a bucket) and was loving it! I think the results were pretty accurate.
This was the first, that we know of, ear infection that she has ever had. She is a very healthy, active kid who loves to smile and shine her beautiful blue eyes! She loves to play with puzzles and color. She also has some great dance moves.
We went back to the hospital today and they took the drain tube out from the inscision and said everything looked good. We just have to continue with the iv antibiotics for the next couple of weeks.
This was probably a lot more info than you wanted, but you know how easy it is to talk about your kid! :)
Thanks for showing interest and putting all of your wonderful information out there for others to learn from!

Once again, the road is rewarding, beautiful and emotional, but it is NEVER without bumps.

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