Friday, December 21, 2007


Kind of in a holiday funk today, trying to pull out of it. The holidays are like that, up one minute, down the next and then right back up. Everyone is supposed to be full of holiday cheer and jingle their bells cause Santa Claus is coming to town, but it just doesn't always go down like that, maybe I'm pms, dunno. In any case, if you, too, are in a nostalgic mood and in need of a big, fat cry, I mean a real quality tear-streaming tearjam, go check out Josh Swiller's blog from Dec. 17th. I'm going to post the youtube video he posted on his blog because he's talking on the telephone and the video does a good job showing how frustrating it can be to almost but not quite hear everything with a cochlear implant...and he has a magical telephone reunion going on there.
To deactivate the music (love this song, reminds me of THE VOUS at College Park (it's bad pms when I'm reminiscing about college:)))click on the stop button on the top right-hand corner of the blog...

Be baaaaaaaaaaaack tomorrow...special thanks to Val, Gage and Brook for the magical video they sent me, sure am glad Val has a digital camera gotta make a thousand videos fetish - go girl!
Another highlight of the morning was waking up to find out that there is a new member of the Pediatric Ci Circle thanks to the PARENTS TO PARENTS: COCHLEAR IMPLANTS FOR KIDS BROCHURE CREATED BY THE GROUP TOGETHER WITH THE GIFT OF HEARING FOUNDATION...extremely satisfying knowing that the brochure created by the group reached a mom in need...lotta love going out to all of you...Jodi

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VBnBama said...

All women have those days, it helps keep us insane!!or sane which ever applies. I have just got this digital camera so yes, I film almost daily. I absolutley feel like I've been given two jewels despite the fact that sometimes when things are really really stressful, no breaks for mama, I've been know to shout for my husband to "Please, please have me committed, be sure to take me somewhere where they'll keep me for a month or so..." but you know, either a break(even an hour or two alone) or like you say, a good cry and I'm back on top of things....perfectly normal!!!!