Tuesday, December 11, 2007



Aside from an incredible email that I received from Sharon, Hailey's mom Selena just made my morning when I read her post on Listen-up so I had to share it with everyone who may happen upon this blog...

I just had to share with this group about Hailey's Surprise Phone call from
Santa. We were totally caught off guard. Here's the story.

My older sister and her husband traveled to Baltimore, MD to meet with a
company that is trying to hire him. Anyway, while there they decided to vist a
gentleman who grew up in their church, and who now attends Gallaudet. So they
hopped the train and met him in DC. While they were visiting with him my mother
called my sister via cell phone because she is watching their two younger boys
and had a question about one of the boys. I've been watching their oldest son.
While on the phone my mom asked if they had called C(my nephew) yet that day. My
sister said no and my mom told her that when you do, call this number and talk to
Hailey, she'll really enjoy it. So my mom gave my sister all the info she needed
to call Hailey on the VP (VIDEO PHONE). When my sister got off the phone the gentleman asked her what had taken so long, so she explained that my mom had given her the info to contact Hailey via the VP. Here's where it gets fun! The gentleman (his name is Tom btw) smiled and told my sister "Oh we have those, I use it all the time when I call home, do you want to come back to my place and call Hailey VP to VP? My sister was like yeah that would be really cool, she'd really enjoy that. So they all got in Tom's car and headed over to his place to make the call.

While talking in the car it came up that Tom has been volunteering his time dressing up like Santa and visting preschools in the area. I'm sure you can put two and two together.

Yesterday afternoon Hailey recived a VP to VP call directly from who other then, SANTA CLAUS! She's over the moon. "Santa Claus just like me mommy! Santa talk with
his hands!"
The best part is that my sister shared information with Tom about Hailey that only the family would know, so it was really personal.

Our family has gone through some really tough stuff the past few months and
when bad stuff happens around this time of the year it's hard to see the joy of
the season. My sister and I haven't always been on the best of terms, and for
her to take the time to do something so special for Hailey, means the world to
me. It's great that at a time of the year where we get so busy and forget the
true meaning of the season, that one little thing like this can change your
whole perspective. I don't think there is a thing in this world that I could do
to pay her back for what she gave to Hailey. She gave Hailey the one thing that
I haven't been able to when it comes to all the childhood Christmas experiances,
she gave her the chance to talk to Santa, her way, without an Interp!
Once again I'm reminded of just how great my family truly is, even if I don't
see it everyday. And I'm grateful to once again be able to enjoy the Christmas
Season. IF you do nothing else today, please, let your family know just how much
they mean to you.

Thanks for reading my long post. My tears of joy and I will go now.


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