Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Last night, just before the end of my last lesson, my husband decides to tell me that there is a GAS STRIKE in effect. The tractor trailer union declared a strike to negotiate the workers' contracts, so NO tractor trailers are running, which means NO FREAKIN' GAS!!! Thank goodness I had decided to fill some of my tank yesterday morning or I would have been in really bad shape! Luca said there were lines and lines of cars storming the gas stations to squeeze out the last litre of gas. This morning I stopped by Pietro's gas station. Keep in mind Pietro is the seventy-five year old man with the black fingernails who keeps his gas station open even on Sundays when it's illegal to do so, and I was figuring that if anyone had a hidden surplus of gas, it would be him. Well, I was right and I managed to top off my tank with FIVE EUROS OF GAS!!! I was RATIONED!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS PLACE???? So now I have to pray that my tank lasts until this strike ends, keeping in mind that once the strike ends, it will take two days to get the trucks back up and running...Just reflect for one moment what your life would be like without the gas to fill your car that TAKES YOU EVERYWHERE!!! Bring in the scrubs! ONLY IN ITALY!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Jodi,
I am really sorry to hear of the strike, but....the warped overworked mom in me is a bit THRILLED, Lol, to hear Italy has it's share of grief too, Lol...I sit here in my mom delusions...KNOWING the grass is quite greener in Italy, Lol...nice to hear it is NOT so, grin

So, my friend, here is a cyber "cheers" when you can't go anywhere you must get to stay home and drink wine, right? Lol...I know, only in our dreams...

Happy Holidays!
Denice Solgat