Monday, January 31, 2011

White Patent Leather High-Heeled Boots

The world is IMMENSE.
The things we can do are INFINITE.
I stayed home all day yesterday and left my bed for about an hour.
Jordan had two friends over and Sofia the same.
I was hiding.
Whenever I pop out of my room, my kids want to be fed.
I'm allergic to my kitchen in this period, I'm sure I'll eventually find some passion for food. I try...but I just can't cook like my Italian ex-mother-in-law.
And so, I stayed in my bedroom.
Between the dog barking every time a child or parent coming to claim the child rang the bell and slammed the gate, I didn't get much sleep. But maybe the lack of motion served to recharge the internal batteries.
Because today, I feel a little different. Can't explain it.
It is what it is.
My mom, terrified to fly, hesitant to leave her husband and dog did something shocking.
She went to Las Vegas with her friend and saw Cher.
I remember when I was little, my mom's closet was filled with white patent leather high-heeled boots and fringy outfits. I loved my mom's closet. She used to be a singer and loved Sonny and Cher.

Every day we are something to someone. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to be someone to ourselves. And the people who love us...need to give us that possibility.

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