Friday, January 7, 2011

Solar-Powered Hearing...

Low Cost Hearing Aids: Solar Ear Helping Developing Countries

Monday, December 13th 2010
The holiday season is a great time for heartwarming stories, the kind that spotlight positive and meaningful impact caring people make on the lives of others.
One such story is the one about Solar Ear, a project that brings hope to hundreds of thousands of hearing impaired people in the developing world.
Solar EarSimply put, Solar Ear is a low-cost hearing aid that gets a charge from solar-powered batteries. Not only are these hearing devices much more affordable to people in developing nations than traditional hearing aids, but they are also eco-friendly since they decrease our reliance on fossil fuel-based power and reduce toxic battery waste – a hazard to our health and to the environment.
Sun, on the other hand, provides us with millions of kilowatts of clean, safe, and cheap energy. We can’t go wrong with that, can we?

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