Sunday, January 9, 2011

Darkness...and Light

Sometimes my fingers type quicker than my brain.
But my fingers are always motivated by the cause.
Sometimes I only see one side of a two-faced person.
But that is because I believe so deeply in one side that it takes me a long time to see the other side.
I sent a message to a surgeon that I was worried about one of his patients.
He responded withing twelve hours by telling me he would contact that patient as soon as possible...and

Thank you.

I have been called aggressive, insecure, immature and explosive.
I have two sides, too.

I went to lunch with my girlfriend for the first time ever on a Sunday. We entered the restaurant, filled with long tables of families. All of their faces looked the same. The same.
We sat at a table for two. The families stared at us. We're cute. We ate seafood and drank white wine...maybe a little too much wine, but for the first time in a long time I laughed, relaxed and felt myself.
I told my friend that I was never the type of girl who dreamed of being married, I never flipped through magazines looking for that perfect princess wedding dress. It just happened and it was beautiful.
I like that sometimes things just happen.

After lunch I went to the ladies' room, it had an automated light. I locked the door and went to take care of business. The light went out. I was left in the dark.
I laughed to myself as I was sitting there and realized something for the first time...
I am not afraid of the dark.

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