Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coffee Break

I went to the food store to buy bread.During my ten minutes free.
While I waited in line to pay for my bread, I listened to a mother scream at her kid: "I can't take you anywhere why do you have to embarrass me everytime we go to the food store I'm not buying you anything..."
Two of my ten free minutes, I cringed.
A project partner called while the other texted as I read an email from yet another partner.
Triple-tasking and balancing during non-free time.
Jordan's school called. He had a headache, could I come to pick him up from school?
I left work. Drove to his school. Walked inside. Signed him out. And took him to his grandparents' house to sleep it off. I went to take my car to get the annual three year inspection certified. It passed. I went to pick Sofia and her friend up from school. Made lunch. Worked the rest of the afternoon. Balanced projects and kids in my head. Had dinner with a friend.
I told her, "I do not fit in. I feel out of place. I feel like I am my own island in the middle of an ocean."
She made me an espresso.
I tickled Sofia's back and put her to sleep. Ten minutes later Jordan came into my room and laid down beside me.
He confessed his teenage fears, his dreams and wondered if he would ever achieve them.
I told him that I once had teenage fears.
I told him that I have dreams that his dreams will come true.
I told him that I will do anything I can to help him help himself to make sure that those dreams come true.
And I told him to take it one small step at a time.
Then, I kissed him good night.

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