Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flannel PJs

Sofia and three friends played in my bedroom all day. I entered my room to check on them and was greeted with the overpowering stench of an exploded deodorize-your-closet can.
I opened the windows and the smell disappeared.

I went to work this morning and the director called us into his office for a project update. I gave him the information, the other girl gave him the information, then she left and the director and I were alone. He proceeded to outline his vision for my future and all of the endless possibilites that I could add to the association.
He is a person who goes to work every day, deals with crisis day in and day out, yet still has a vision.
I left the office completely stressed yet touched by the power of his ability to want more from the future.

I work on a project that deals with sustainable energy and the relevance and basic concept surrounding sustainable energy is directly applicable to my state of mind at the moment.

I have no external sources of sustainable energy at the current moment. And so I must be my own energy source. I have found that just as solar energy can sustain the heart can sustain me.

So, instead of screaming at Sofia Madyson for being a typical 8 year old tyrant, I gave her a hug and laughed.
I met Jordan for pizza after school, we shared a bottle of water and he told me nothing was new at school.

That surgeon who I wrote the letter to because I was concerned about a patient, contacted that patient who contacted me to thank me, and in turn I re-contacted the surgeon to thank him.

A member of the forum had his processor activated and heard the clock ticking and the keyboard clicking for the first time in his life. Reborn.

I am using my heart, concentrating on creating my own energy, and what do you know?
It works. It takes a lot of practice and introspection...but it works.
The important thing is to give...without needing to receive.
So that when you do receive, the effect warms your toes.


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Debbi said...

At the risk of dire overuse of the word "awesome"...all I can think to say is "AWESOME"!!!

Debbie said...

You sustain many of us out here too! Thanks for that;)

Unknown said...

*Smile*....tomorrow ROMA!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this tips

Paula {} said...

I think "viagra" wants to sustain you! LOL

I love the way you think and share. Your intelligence combined with your power of acute introspection are, quite simply, mind blowing. xoxo