Friday, January 21, 2011

A Tale of Two Ice-Cream Cones

The could be and the is.
Try to follow me here, because I'm having difficulty understanding me myself and I.
The choice of which ice-cream to choose, that moment when you stand before the Baskin and Robbins counter and you have all of those flavors to choose from...that moment may be defined as a "could be."
You see, you, your entire life have chosen B n R's chocolate chip ice-cream flavor.
And you love that flavor, you know exactly what it will taste like, and that you will love it.
Staring back at you every time you approach the counter is peanut-butter and chocolate ice-cream. Rich creamy chocolate with chunks of peanut butter and it calls to you. It is definitely a no-no. Much more fattening than chocolate chip, and if that becomes your favorite? And you abandon your beloved chocolate chip for something so wrong, so desperately wrong, so sinfully delicious?
So you're standing at the counter, debating in your head, constantly debating and the teenager behind the counter is staring at you to the point where you actually say, "I'm PMS, I need another minute to decide."
And you shoot a fond glance at the chocolate chip ice-cream and fire a pissed off stare at the peanut butter chocolate beckoning to the point where you
You're too pissed off at the is to want it anymore and the could be is just not possible because you are a woman with morals
So, you wave goodbye to the teenager behind the counter, wish her well
Starbucks next door for a cappuccino.
And as you sip....
you think about what could have been.


Debbi said...

You just crack me up...

Unknown said...

:-)...bout all of it in an ice-cream cone...*Smack*