Monday, January 24, 2011

24 Hours

I spent Saturday night and Sunday in Florence with my girlfriend.
Sushi, wine and sales.
I spent three hours on the train all by myself in a train-car all by myself and read all by myself...for the entire three hours.
I remember that I didn't read a book for eleven years after having read at least one book a week my entire life.
I remember that when I had to leave the house to run errands I used to feel guilty if I came home late, I used to consult my watch repeatedly to see how much time I had before I had to be home and had to do homework and had to organize and manage and cook and clean.
I love reading, sushi, wine and sales...
And being all by myself.
Sometimes it only takes 24 hours to turn a "have to do" into a "want to do".
In all aspects of life...

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