Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How Ya Like Dem APPLE(S)?

The great debate has ensued...are they hearing aids or cochlear implant processors?
My response- show it to your kid and let him/her decide.
Sometimes, ambiguous is good.
And in the end...Deaf is Deaf.
Jordan's response: "They always show all different kinds of people in these advertisements- Black, White, different ethnicities and now Deaf."
Yes..and now Deaf.
Kudos to APPLE.


leah said...

Apple is awesome. Nolan calls all hearing devices "hearings." So he was pretty excited to see "hearings" in the commercial!

Unknown said...

And that, my friend, just about sums it up- thank Nolan for me:-)

Paula Rosenthal said...

Who cares is right. He looks like Matt Damon!!! LOL