Monday, June 7, 2010

Adolescent Mouth

I had a picture to go with this post, but it was too touching to share. I'm on a train heading for the NHS Conference in Cernobbio, Como, digesting the news that a red-headed, intelligent, full of life 21 year old only child was killed yesterday in a motorcycle accident.

It's been since Saturday that I've wanted to write about something that happened at Jordan's school, but I haven't had time - been trying to prepare for the Congress, wash clothes, be a mom and sunbathe.

After this news about the 21 year old, I see the picture in a different way and I can't.

But this is what happened on Saturday...

I received a phonecall from Jordan's support teacher at about 10:30 am as I was on my way to the beach for an hour and a half to unwind. She was extremely upset over something Jordan said to her. See, it was the end of the year market at his school and he was selling stuff to raise money. Apparently, he shot some teenage comment straight from the zit on his chin, and too proud to admit he'd said something he shouldn't have, he denied.

His teacher, who is like his mom at school, was hurt and offended because when you put your heart and soul into a child and that child slams you, it doesn't go down so easily.

Keep in mind that Jordan is exhausted and stressed for exams.

His support teacher the same.

So, I fly to the school for mediation.

Upon arrival, the support teacher greets me more pissed off than I've seen her in three years- not really pissed off, extremely indignant.

She points to proud-faced Jordan sitting behind his stand, arms crossed across his chest who glares at me when he sees me. I gently ask him to step into my office and we find a pair of cement steps to sit down on.

I said, "I'm not angry, I just would like to know what happened because your teacher called me and I've never seen her this upset."

Jordan replied, "She didn't understand. I just said for her not to touch my items and she freaked out."

I calmly said, "Did you explain that to her? Because she didn't quite get that from whatever it was you said to her. And now she's upset, why don't you just explain to her what you meant."

Jordan, head down, said, "You go tell her."

And right then and there my friends, a calm settled upon me...the type of calm that only a life's-little-teaching moments moment can provoke..

I had finished this post, then the computer shut down. I'm clicking this through, and just want to add that I did not "go tell her." Jordan spoke to her himself. They hugged in the middle school boys' bathroom.


Carpe diem.

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